quick Facts that Rowan Francis Henchy

Full NameRowan Francis HenchyDate the Birth15 May, 2003NicknameHenchyBirthplaceManhattan, new YorkActive Year2003-presentBuildMesomorphBody MeasurementSlim

Rowan Francis Henchy is the daughter that the famed American actress and model, Brook Shields, renowned for her leading role in the Louis Malle‘s film, Pretty Baby. After gaining much popular for she part, she continued to model right into her late teenage years. Since 2014, she is working as the voice the Mrs. Goodman in the adult man series, Mr. Pickles.

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Rowan’s fans space curious come know around her an individual life. So, is she date anyone or she is single? that is the lucky young to be she boyfriend? Let’s take a glimpse that Henchy’s personal life.

Who is Rowan Francis Henchy? Bio & Wiki

Rowan Francis Henchy to be born ~ above 15th may 2003, in Manhatten, new York, joined States. Moreover, she is one American by she nationality and belongs to Caucasian white ethnicity. She is the earliest daughter that Brooke Shields (mother) and Chris Henchy (father). She prospered up v her younger sister, Grier Hammond Henchy (born on 18th April 2006) in Los Angeles.

Childhood picture of Rowan Francis Henchy with her parents and newly born sister. Source: Chinadaily

Henchy is the earliest grand-daughter the Teri, Francis Alexander Shields (from her mother’s side), and also Patricia Henchy (from she father’s side). Further, she great-grandparents space Frank Shields, Marina Torlonia di Civitella-Cesi, Theresa Dollinger, John Schmon. Additionally, she is the nephew that Thomas Gore Auchincloss Jr., Olympia, Marina, and also Christina Shields.

Inside of Rowan Francis Henchy’s Career

Rowan Francis Henchy made her debut illustration in the American musical television series, VH1: every Access in 2006. Whereas, she starred in an illustration of 20 Cutest Celebrity Babies through Melissa McKnight on the show.

Henchy’s mother acquired her large break indigenous the American slasher film, Alice, Sweet Alice wherein she played the duty of Karen Spages in 1976. Similarly, she featured in numerous movies, including Endless Love, The warm Flashes, and also many others. Also, her television works room The Doctors, Hannah Montana, etc.

How much is Rowan Francis Henchy’s network Worth?

Rowan Francis Henchy’s net worth is right now under review. But, her mother has actually a net worth the $25 Million. Similarly, her father has actually a riches of $15 Million. She mother additionally makes an impressive income from her various other works, which encompass endorsement deals, cameo roles, etc.

Photo that Rowan Francis Henchy’s residence in new York City, new York.

Henchy’s parents bought a house in brand-new York City, new York at the price the $5.6 Million top top March 2012. Moreover, she mansion actions 5,783 square feet, consists of seven bedrooms, six, and a half bathrooms. So, she is at this time living a top quality life spending she guardian’s wealth.

Is Rowan Francis Henchy Dating? Her connection Affairs & Boyfriend

Henchy isn’t dating anyone and has no boyfriend until now. She is also young to day anyone together of now. However, the 16-year-old Rowan is seen focusing on her career and also studies. Nevertheless, her parents have actually a beautiful love story. Very first of all, the pair met because that the an initial time in 1999, where a shared friend introduced them. Quickly they fell in love and started sharing your company. In ~ the mid of 2000, they engaged in front of your families.

The love bird tied the node on 4th April 2001, in new York City, new York. They celebrated their wedding ceremony at the Wedding Packages NYC. Whereas, castle invited many of their co-actors and also relatives.

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Photo of Rowan Francis Henchy’s family. Source: YouTube

Together, castle share two adorable children from your marriage. ~ above 15th may 2003, they invited their an initial child, Rowan who was born in a Manhattan, new York hospital. After three years, the pair invited their 2nd child, Grier Hammond top top 18 April 2006. Currently, Henchy lives in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, new York City with her family and friends.