To efficiently validate users or credential holders, high quality credentials room imperative. Rosslare provides a wide selection of credential modern technologies and varieties – featuring, long-lasting product quality that supplies both peace of mind and cost savings.

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Rosslare’s wealthy product portfolio is consisted of of five main product families:

Rosslare’s wide variety of credentials are obtainable in one attractive vital FOB tags and solitary tech or Combo technology – ISO Cards come meet details requirements of each customer.

Rosslare’s high top quality credentials are known for their high number of possible reads, and also our full variety of customization services, including programming laser engraving, and also printing. The cards are photograph ID compatible, and also can printed on directly either by including an photo or via thermal move print.


Rosslare O2S ID-Cards room pre-formatted and Contain the distinctive ID within a MIFARE Desfire EV1. The MIFARE EV1 Cards have the right to contain many applications and are processed in a Secure element within the reader – i beg your pardon executes cryptography within a secure storage area. This RFID credentials market the maximum level that security.

NFC-ID & BLE-ID mobile app credentials

Rosslare mobile credentials enable users that IOS and Android to install an application on their devices. Rosslare supplies a totally free Bluetooth Credential for IOS and also Android top top the app stores. NFC for Android works up to 7cm selection and BLE can work approximately 12m line of sight to the reader. No-touch through remote enrollment is straightforward to implement without needing distinct skillset.



Mobile Credentials SDK

Rosslare’s mobile Credentials SDK is the ultimate equipment to accessibility doors without the usage of a physical key. Requiring just a couple of lines of code to integrate, the cell phone credentials SDK turns any iOS and also Android application into a mobile crucial by seamlessly managing and communicating with the phone’s BLE (Bluetooth short Energy) and NFC radio.

Rosslare’s portfolio of 13.56MHz credentials incorporate ISO cards and Tags (Key FOB) which are super designer stylish. This highly progressed card features as one identifier for use v a compatible reader. The is compliant with ISO/IEC 14443-1/2/3/4. Rosslare offers complete customization solutions for credentials programming, id printing and more.



UHF difficult Tags & Windshield Labels

UHF tags enable vehicles or various other objects come be known from a distance, and also are extremely useful for both hands-free accessibility and dual factor authentication. UHF tags, labels and also keyfobs are especially an ideal for parking management and other applications such as emergency rooms, hands totally free facility access and more. Tough tag can withstand harsh weather and also has two vertical mounting holes for attaching purposes, can be used on a steel surface

125kHz - TEMIC and also EM Compatible

The Rosslare 125kHz card collection is made up of two key product lines: read just EM compatible and also programmable Temic credentials. Rosslare 125kHz map are highly reliable, and also interference-free – so subjects carrying this cards will encounter interference as soon as passing other electromagnetic objects. Strong, flexible, sturdy and also robust – Rosslare 125kHz cards work also when wet.

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Enrollment Solutions

Rosslare delivers several species of USB enrollment stations that can be deployed top top a single computer or on a networked customer PC. The solution allows larger carriers to have actually several bureaucratic enrollment in every branch and still have the ability to manage HR and also Security Credentials. Ours USB enrollment devices cover 13.56MHz, 125kHz and also EM, UHF, and also Mobile Credentials enrollment within AxTraxNG.