Hello, i am a 17 year old boy. 1.86m tall and also 67KG heavy. I have been working out for about 1 year now, and also I figured it to be time to shot something new. I commonly go working out right after school, so i dont have alot of time come eat. Should I drink mine protein shower before/after working out. Ns mix mine drink to about 50-60 grams that protein, is this also much? I shot to eat food wich includes proteins together well. Thanks in advance

Sorry I'm not a aboriginal English speaker, bare v me =)


I watch a lot of people suggest before and also after, I carry out before and after and also don't really have any issues apart from practically shitting my trousers one time while squatting as result of unexpected proton fart.

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Duct ice cream the shake party to her dumbbells so that every time you curly you take a swig.

It's really just up to you and your workout however as countless have already pointed out, big amounts of food/water/protein right before squats is no the best idea.

The guidelines on the new england journal of applied broscience state the u have to drink it after or girlfriend gonna miss out on the anabolic window, brah

For her average person when you take it it does not matter. What problem is what works ideal for you as everyone is different. Shot drinking the before and also see how you feel throughout your workout, then try doing it after and also compare. Some human being don't acquire as an excellent of a workout if castle eat/drink miscellaneous too hefty right prior to working out. Others need a little something in castle to do best. Figure out what works best for you.

Doesn't issue when you have actually it.

As for it being too much...calculate your macronutrient needs. You can not need to supplement through that much. Or you can need more, even if it is that's in the form of protein powder or other foods.

It doesn't issue when you drink it, yet personally, ns think 50g-60g in one shake is also much. I would certainly drink half of the shake an hour or 2 prior to the gym therefore it's no feeling hefty in your stomach while lifting, climate drink the remainder afterwards.

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