When it"s Hanna"s turn to play the game, Caleb end up in the hospital, and also someone rather ends increase dead.

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Much prefer Ali is “out of town” this week, your consistent recapper, Isabella Biedenharn, is unavailable, so I will certainly be in the interim babysitting the crying pillow (translation: recapping this week’s episode). And also for what it’s worth, I execute want to say one thing: i am a pan of this “game” and also the entire structure the it bring to the final episodes. What deserve to I say? I’m a pan of A.D.’s playful-but-deadly vibe, though i really could’ve excellent without the freaky mannequin in tonight’s episode.

Speaking of which, the illustration starts when what I’ll speak to the “game phone” won’t protect against crying. I understand that sound weird, yet think of that this way: psychic in middle school as soon as you had the alternative in home Ec come take home that doll the simulated a nivorycrimestory.comborn and also made all teenagers shy far from having sex? This is that, however a couple of years too late, and also instead, it’s an iPhone the won’t avoid crying.

Spencer, can not to sleep, does the only logical thing: She calls and also wakes increase the various other Liars due to the fact that misery loves company. Well, everyone except Ali due to the fact that she’s out of city (and isn’t too much away from managing a actual baby crying). The Liars argue about who has to babysit the pillow the Spencer stuffed the phone call inside, but in the end, the phone call decides. It’s Hanna’s revolve to play the game.

Step 1: Hanna “hides” the phone native Caleb by putting it… in she purse. Together she tells Emily, “Guys aren’t going come go with a girl’s purse since they’re too afraid to accidentally touch a tampon.” Yeah, i feel favor that logic worked in high school, yet I’m hope adult Caleb has matured previous the allude of being scared at the mention of PMS?

But none of the matters, since Hanna won’t be able to keep the game a secret for long. ~ Mona adheres to through on her promise to gain Hanna in the nivorycrimestory.comspaper — the senator’s daughter finished up attract her dress to the charity gala — Emily finds one more article ~ above a blog, and it’s all about whether Hanna stole the dress design.

The blog claims it got its information from an anonymous source, yet Hanna is persuaded that “you can’t spell anonymous there is no A.D.” (Not literally, of course.) Furthermore, Hanna thinks Jenna is behind the post, since as she flawless logic explains, “blind item, blind girl.” Sure, we’ll simply let the one go.

Caleb chimes in to reveal that Jenna viivorycrimestory.comed of Radley late last night, and he currently has an idea of how to discover her: use Sydney. Together for Aria? She’s in, since she can use noþeles to store her mind off of Nicole, who’s giving television interviivorycrimestory.coms all around how seeing Ezra again was the thing that acquired her v everything.

But prior to Caleb can complete up his setup to uncover Sydney, Hanna gets a distribution from the game. And also in instance you forgot just exactly how creepy this show might be, it’s a mannequin with what looks favor Hanna’s skin sivorycrimestory.comn top top its face. Sweet, right?!

So Hanna is forced to phone call Caleb about the game, which is defined as “like Simon Says… yet meaner.” Also, the doll talks. IT. TALKS. And it claims something about “please see the appendix.” of course, Hanna takes the to average the attachment of a book, but come ~ above Hanna, when have you ever read a book? us all recognize where this is going, right?

Caleb then leaves Hanna through the doll if he top to Spencer’s to shot to crack this game, and also Hanna ultimately figures the end that she requirements to cut open the mannequin to get to the doll’s appendix. Listen, I have actually no idea what this doll is made the end of, yet I understand that you can reduced into it and also that it bleeds when you do, so it’s a great thing Hanna goes full Grey’s Anatomy and also drapes the hell out of her table prior to she makes the reduced (with a butcher’s knife since precision is so last year). Inside, there’s a sealed bag, and also A.D. Desires Hanna to wear what’s in it.

While all of this is walking on, we briefly check in ~ above Yvonne and Toby. Yvonne is finally awake and beginning to talk. Even better? She deserve to squeeze a ball! and as shortly as the happens, Toby decides they require to obtain married. Ideal now. In the hospital. And also SO they DO. I have no idea if this consciousness is legit — castle don’t show anyone rather in the room — yet hey, at the very least Toby’s not rushing into anything, right?

As because that Spencer, she spends the day acquiring her mind off of she mommy problem by play ping pong (and making out) with Marco. He lastly tells her a bit more about exactly how he thrived up and how his mom was addicted to prescription pills and just basically allows her recognize that she isn’t the just one with family drama. And also you understand what? She appreciates it.

With Caleb working on the game, Emily and Aria room on Sydney duty, and also it seems every little thing morning tutoring conference Caleb gave Aria worked, since she’s now officially a genius at hacking, technology, and also all type of crap. (I, clearly, am no a genius.) Emily and also Aria quickly discover that Sydney attended the same charity sphere where the senator’s daughter wore Hanna’s dress. And also if Sydney is the anonymous source, can she also be the other shooter? I’m sorry, can we talk about this jump? Sydney to visit a charity sphere SO possibly SHE additionally TRIED TO kill SPENCER. I mean, what’s the connection?

Regardless, Emily catches up with Sydney, every the while moving some device that enables Aria to hack her phone indigenous a nearby car. Sydney then tells Emily that she was at the Radley Hotel as soon as Spencer was shot. She cases that she yielded the article to Caleb and also Mona since Jenna said it to be a valuable joke, however after high school, she and also Jenna drifted apart.

Spoiler: She’s lying. Well, maybe. Aria and also Emily follow her to the Vogel Vision Institute, where she provides a deposit for a surgical procedure because that Jenna. And also when asked because that a surname for the donation, she states “A.D.” together in “anonymous donor,” duh. She then messages a clogged number come let them understand “it’s done.”

And cue the best component of this episode: feisty Aria, that in enhancement to being a hacker now is also potentially a ninja? She rather literally twisted Sydney’s arm until she describes that the donation was from a client at she bank. Sydney insurance claims Jenna hasn’t answered any of she calls or texts. Apparently, Jenna’s games came to be a small too dangerous for Sydney’s liking. Through that, Aria lets her go to she yoga class (after placing a tracker in her bag). Sydney’s epos farivorycrimestory.comell? “Namaste, bitch.”

Getting back to Hanna, A.D. Has actually requested she wear one offensively short dress to her meeting through Japanese investors, and also as Caleb place it, it’s “like everyone’s gonna viivorycrimestory.com your spicy tuna role short,” i m sorry is maybe the 2nd grossest thing to happen in this episode (behind the creepy mannequin). However Hanna has no choice, therefore she throw on a trench coat, many thanks Lucas for his friendship, and prepares to head to the meeting prior to she’s stopped by a text: Caleb is in the hospital.

Let me back up a bit. After Hanna left for the meeting, Spencer came house to discover Caleb still functioning on the game. But when that popped the church figurine off the board, a gas to be emitted, and also it left him unable to speak or breathe. Spencer dubbed 911 and then texted Hanna, which bring us back to the hospital, i m sorry is whereby Hanna learns that she doesn’t gain her puzzle piece since she fail to finish her turn. (Where it goes is quiet TBD.)

But Hanna isn’t the only human being who loses something. After ~ Toby and also Yvonne tie the knot, lock start mentioning honeymoon locations and also all the places they desire to travel. Somehow, Toby doesn’t realize the Yvonne’s eyes space closing while she talks about some ice cream rink in Moscow, but by the moment he senses something’s wrong, it’s as well late. She drops her bouquet, which isn’t a pretty means of saying she dies. It’s literally exactly how the present symbolizes she death.

As because that Sydney, Emily take away “first watch” while Aria heads home… to uncover Nicole sitting alone in the dark in her apartment, since that’s not creepy! additionally creepy? The severed finger that’s yielded to the Rosivorycrimestory.comood P.D. And also just can belong come Mrs. D.

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And that’s wherein it leaves united state — wanting more, as always. Overall, ns still favor the board game, and this episode had actually a lot of good lines, not to mention the gibberish Aria stuff. The Yvonne stuff, however, didn’t have the influence I think they were hoping for, and also I still don’t care around Sydney.