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As a starting person pole dancer, you’re delicate to make some typical mistakes and picking up poor habits early along her pole journey. This post is about lifestyle, habits and tips because that beginner pole dancers to protect against the most common mistakes. This actually applies to any kind of fitness regimen or discipline. So whether you’re a pole dancer or you’re into another kind of alternative fitness, we hope you find this write-up useful.

Pole dancing for fitness is great workout, however you must ensure that you’re no harming your progress by making straightforward mistakes. You will do it soon find that pole dancing classes are very welcoming places. Over there is small to no judgement whatsoever, pole dancing is a really inclusive sport suitable for many different people. The pole dance neighborhood is an extremely accepting; the doesn’t matter what form or size you are, your other pole dancers will constantly make you feeling welcome.

So, below are some typical mistakes that you need to avoid as someone who is new to pole dancing!


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Doing Too lot Too Soon

You’ll have probably currently been influenced by the glamorous polers you check out on Instagram and YouTube, however remember that these pole dancers have actually been practicing because that years, and also even they had to begin somewhere. You deserve to actually injury your very own progress by doing too lot too soon.

Of course, being adventurous is component of the funny of being a pole dancer, the what attractive you to the sports in the very first place. You need to be adventurous to be a pole dancer, yet too lot adventure won’t aid in the lengthy run.

It’s an extremely common because that pole dancers to development from ‘total beginner’ and also suddenly think the they can fly. Don’t put press on yourself to suddenly shoulder mount when you’ve just learned come invert there is no assistance. It definitely won’t assist your irreversible progress.

There’s also the really real danger of injury. Don’t skip beginner-intermediate moves and also head right for the progressed stuff you view on Instagram or on YouTube. Learn to walk prior to you run. If you do skip moves and go directly for the more adventurous tricks, you not permitting your muscle to build and change properly. You operation a much greater risk or injuring yourself or pulling a muscle.

Also, just because you can perform a difficult trick, it no automatically means that less-difficult tricks space suddenly going come be straightforward for you to perform. Every pole dance tricks are impressive and they all require practice. The best tricks are those the you carry out with grace and also by making that look effortless.

Picking up negative Form

As one instructor, yes sir nothing more frustrating than seeing a college student who has actually been ‘teaching themselves’ just how to execute tricks with such negative habits, that unbelievable. V some tricks, yes the correct method to carry out it, and the shortcut. Numerous ‘ self-taught’ pole dancers usage the shortcut.

Patience is important. Girlfriend may be able to jump right into an invert, but you have the right to gracefully elevator yourself into it? work on whatever nice and also slowly, paying fist to her placement and which muscle teams you’re engaging.

Bad type is something that’s very hard to adjust in the long-term, for this reason ensure your technique is correct. Check with your instructor if you’re no sure about anything, or if other doesn’t feel right.

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Underestimating Pole Dance

I’m not going to lie, Pole dance fitness is yes, really damn hard! so many human being underestimate how difficult it is.

You’ll be using muscle groups you might not have actually used before, in means you absolutely haven’t provided before! Don’t get in your an initial class reasoning it will certainly be a breeze, also if you’re already relatively strong, it i will not ~ be easy!


Not Believing in Yourself

You won’t think how plenty of pole dancers nothing come back for a 2nd lesson since they think they “couldn’t do it” straight away. In their first lesson. That’s an unbelievable lack of self-belief or a naive id that pole dance is somehow easy. It’s cursed hard, guys! It’s also not common to be good at pole dancing after ~ 1 lesson, 5 lessons or also 50 lessons. Pole to dance is difficult work but it pays off.

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If friend can’t execute something directly away, it is OK, she not an alleged to have the ability to do it directly away! Otherwise, where the challenge?

Keep functioning on it, save practicing and also keep believing in yourself since you will have the ability to do whatever trick is offering you grief best now!

Comparing yourself to Others

Don’t. Simply don’t. Ns was one of the slowest learner in the cohort of students i was component of. Anyone was fairly literally and gracefully whizzing front of me while ns was struggling with even holding myself turn off the soil for much longer than half a second. Ns was choose an un-coordinated mash-up of arms and legs in the corner when everyone else to be climbing come the top and also high-fiving each other.

Of course, it’s natural to compare yourself to her peers, yet please try to prevent doing it. It doesn’t help your progress and also only provides you feeling disheartened. Remember, there’s walking to be a trick that you deserve to perform through ease the becomes their nemesis move – just wait until you find that trick