The Pokémon Sun and also Pokémon Moon distinct Demo variation is a special, broadened demo version of Pokémon Sun and Moon. It to be released an international on October 18, 2016 in promotion of that parent game via Nintendo's eShop. Here adheres to a overview of what to do and how come play v theSpecial Demo.

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Gameplay Breakdown

In the Demo Version, the player steps into the shoes of the protagonist Sun, that shares the figure of the male player personality in Pokémon Sun and Moon. The Demo is collection on Melemele Island and also mainly centers on Hau'oli City. Throughout the initial adventure, the player is introduced to Trials and also Z-Moves and also battles through Team Skull. ~ this adventure is completed the video game saves, and also thereafter the player is mostly left to check out Hau'oli City and the surrounding areas, v a few simple difficulties available, a couple of NPCs who will execute special points after a certain variety of days, and a few special encounters through special NPCs on details days the the week.

During gameplay, the player can only accessibility the Pokémon and also Bag menu options. As soon as the menu is not open, if the player has received the Rotom Pokédex, it occupies the reduced screen, with web links to a promotional video clip and the eShop pages because that the Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon games in the middle. The journey Pager can likewise be opened up with the Y switch after the initial adventure is completed. ~ the initial adventure, the Demo just saves as soon as the player obtain a transferable reward or after talk to the "mysterious man" top top Mahalo Trail.

After the early adventure, the player will constantly have a Greninja at exactly level 37 in your party and the Z-Ring and Electrium Z in your Bag. The game can also collection the time of day to one of two people the work or the night. This counts on the time when the video game loads, alternate every minute, but once the video game is loaded, the time will not change.

Initial Adventure

When the Demo is first started, the player opens his mailbox to find a letter created by one unknown sender, noting that they left a Greninja (who offered to belong come Ash) because that the player come take treatment of.

After reading the letter, sun heads to Hau'oli City Hall through his mom to register their new address. As soon as the player tries to leave, they will run into Hau, who will present himself. In ~ the suggestion of the player's mom, Hau uses to show the player about the city's shopping district. Prior to that happens however, castle run right into two Team Skull Grunts, who pick a fight with the player and also Hau.

After beating one of them in battle, the grunts retreat, and also the video game instructs the player to go to the Pokémon Center, where inside, Hau offer the player a supervisor Potion.

Once the player has actually healed their Greninja and also exited the Pokémon Center, they will meet Professor Kukui. Kukui introduces the player to the Trials, inviting them come Ten Carat Hill. Native this point, the player is allowed to check out the the city, and can speak to a man north the the Pokémon facility when lock are prepared to continue.

At Ten Carat Hill, the player will development up a roadway towards the psychological site, inside a cave. There Kukui will define the rules of the trial. The player is to look for out two Jangmo-o and two Hakamo-o and also photograph them. To carry out this, the player is provided a Poké Finder. Kukui likewise loans the player his Pikachu. After ~ receiving Pikachu, the attempt begins.


When the player takes images of the Pokémon, the picture startles the Pokémon, bring about it come attack. After acquisition photos of the 2 Jangmo-o and also one Hakamo-o the player will certainly hear another Hakamo-o indigenous the other end of the cave. The cavern opens to a clearing, whereby the last Hakamo-o is located.

Upon acquisition a picture of this Hakamo-o, the is revealed to it is in a Totem Pokémon. Defeating the Totem Hakamo-o and its ally, Rockruff, completes the trial. Kukui rewards the player with a Z-Ring and also an Electrium Z, i beg your pardon is immediately equipped come Pikachu, permitting it to usage the Z-Move Gigavolt Havoc.

At this time, Hau operation in sought by the Team Skull Grunts from before, this time add byPlumeria. After some consideration, Plumeria decides to avenge her underlings, however is defeated by the player. Team Skull leaves, however not prior to telling the player castle haven't seen the critical of them. Afterwards, Pikachu return to the professor, with the Electrium Z returning to the player, and also the demo ends.



When the player resumes the Demo because that the very first time after finishing the early stage adventure, Professor Kukui will give them theRide Pagerand the capacity to usage the drive PokémonTauros. The professor then pipeline the player come their very own devices.

From there, the player can finish a couple of challenges or simply explore the city. Tauros will enable the player to explore an ext of Ten Carat Hill and also a new woman will appear by the line ofSlowpokeat the eastern end that Hau'oli City to overview the player to a brand-new area,Mahalo Trail.

On specific days, unique NPCs may appear, and also after certain numbers that days have actually passed, some NPCs in Hau'oli City will activate special occasions for the player.


If the player talks to the woman at the end of the road eastern of the Pokémon Center, they can travel come Mahalo Trail. There, the player have the right to use the drive Pokémon Tauros come smash through the rocks impede the path and also ascend the trail. In ~ the top, the player will discover a self-styled "mysterious old man" that will give them threeStarduststo transport to the complete game.

At Ten Carat Hill, three new Trainers have actually appeared, one anAce Trainernear the hill's entrance point. If the player defeat the various other three Trainers approximately the area (includingYoungsterHonus, who have the right to be battled during the initial adventure), they have the right to then an obstacle the Ace Trainer, and also if they defeat her, she will offer the player a transferableStar Piece.

The player can additionally smash through a large rock near Ten Carat Hill's entrance allude with Tauros to accessibility a Pokémon-catching challenge. In the challenge, the player is given 16Poké Balls, 3Heal Balls, and also 1Great Ballto capture as manywild Pokémonas they can.

The very first time the player captures at the very least three Pokémon, the man running the an obstacle will prize the player through a transferableNugget. If the player catches a Pokémon while theirpartyis full, one of two people the new Pokémon or among their current party members must bereleased.

When the player decides to complete the challenge, every one of the Pokémon they recorded will be released and all Poké Balls will be removed from the player's Bag or native beingheld. If the player manages to record 20 Pokémon—one v every Poké sphere they were given—the male at the entrance will certainly be sleeping; if the player wakes him up, he will congratulate the player on your achievement.

Weekly NPCs

Several special NPCs will show up around Hau'oli City depending on the day of the week and possibly the moment of day. Even if the player has currently met castle before, these NPCs will show up exactly the same means in succeeding weeks as well.

On Tuesdays, throughout the day, the player'smomcan be found coming out of the apparel shop east of the Pokémon Center. On Fridays,Lilliewill show up on the roadway running along the next of the Pokémon Center. On Sundays, during the night,Hauwill present up if the player philosophies the malasada restaurant east of the City Hall.

Countdown NPCs

Several NPCs in various parts that Hau'oli City will be wait for special occasions to occur a specific number of days indigenous the day the early adventure to be completed (the very first time the game was saved). If the player meets these civilization at this times, some of them will current the player through a gift.

A male standing in former of the Pokémon facility will offer to offer the player "something good" provided they satisfy him the day after the game was very first saved. If the player walk so, he will give them ten transferablePretty Wings. If the player does no visit him till the second day or later, he will not provide them anything.

A mrs standing in ~ the corner of the road near the City Hall verified up 5 days at an early stage to accomplish someone who assisted her when she sprained her ankle. If the player speak to her 5 days after ~ the game was very first saved, she will introduce them to her hero, aMachamp. The following time the player speak to her, she will disclose that she visited the beach through Machamp.

A male inside the City Hall looks for someone to aid celebrate his Pikachu'sbirthday12 work after the game was an initial saved. If the player go so, he will provide them a transferableBalm Mushroom. If the player does not visit him till the 13th day or later, he will certainly not provide them anything.

A policeman in ~ the Hau'oli City Marina is standing guard in breakthrough of part shady organization that the heard will happen 18 work after the video game was first saved. If the player speaks to him on the day, lock will discover a pair of males on the pier that have lugged theirSlowpoketo the marina. Despite the policeman's apprehensions the the males are sellingSlowpoke Tails, the men proceed to just fawn over each others' Pokémon.

A mrs in the Ferry Terminal is leaving on a ship 24 job after the video game was an initial saved, but is nervous. She asks the player to involved see her off. If the player does her this favor, she will offer them a transferableComet Shardin thanks. If the player does not visit until the 25th job or later, she will certainly have currently left.

Other NPCs

A woman will occasionally appear on the coast onTen Carat Hilland carry out the player through the possibility to photograph anAlolanDugtriowith thePoké Finder, upgraded to variation 2 through a zoom function.

Within the very first 14 job after the game was first saved, she may appear randomly and rarely, disappearing once the player leaves Ten Carat Hill. Beginning 14 work after the game was very first saved, however, she will certainly appear and remain on the beach.

The player deserve to talk come the mrs multiple times to save photographing Dugtrio. Occasionally Dugtrio will be facing away indigenous the player and also sometimes it will be encountering towards them.

SinaandDexioappear in the Pokémon Center beginning 14 job after the game was very first saved.

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Transferable Rewards

After the video game is saved for the very first time and also the player receives the drive Pager, they might speak toProfessor Kukuiinside the Pokémon center to transfer any kind of transferable rewards come a complete version ofPokémon Sun and also Moon. Every reward have the right to only be moved to a given game once, however the very same reward deserve to be sent out to any variety of different games.

Stardust×3 – indigenous a male at the end ofMahalo TrailStar Piece – FromAce TrainerSheri atTen Carat Hillafter beating herNugget– A prize for capturing three or an ext Pokémon in the Pokémon-catching difficulty atTen Carat Hillfor the first timePretty Wing×10– from the guy in prior of theHau'oli CityPokémon facility on the work after the video game was an initial savedBalm Mushroom– indigenous the man with a Pikachu in theHau'oliCity hall 12 job after the video game was first savedComet Shard–From the woman in theHau'oli CityFerry Terminal 24 days after the game was an initial saved