The Piper at the entrances of Dawn: Vinyl Reissue

Debut studio album through the English absent band, originally released in 1967. The just album make under founding member Syd Barrett"s leadership, the takes its location from chapter 7 of Kenneth Grahame"s "The Wind in the Willows".
TracksTrackTrack nameArtistTime
1Track 1Astronomy DominePink Floyd4.12
2Track 2Lucifer SamPink Floyd3.07
3Track 3Matilda MotherPink Floyd3.08
4Track 4FlamingPink Floyd2.46
5Track 5Pow R. Toc. HPink Floyd4.26
6Track 6Take up Thy Stethoscope and also WalkPink Floyd3.05
7Track 7Interstellar OverdrivePink Floyd9.41
8Track 8The GnomePink Floyd2.13
9Track 9Chapter 24Pink Floyd3.42
10Track 10ScarecrowPink Floyd2.11
11Track 11BikePink Floyd3.21

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