From her infamous fight through Mike to her fiery confrontation through Angelina, revisit Jenni"s most outrageous moments.

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Look ago at Deena"s many memorable meatball moments, from she baby"s sex reveal to her epic robbery the Mike"s date.

Whether she"s spiraling across brand-new Jersey through Ronnie or typing up revelatory letters to Sammi, Nicole has had her re-publishing of i can not forget moments.

From tiresome keto tendencies come a battle of the words through Angelina, look back at few of Vinny"s peak moments through his Jersey shore roommates.

Look back at Angelina"s top moments ~ above the show, from showing up to the Jersey Shore house with trash bag luggage to embracing her "dirty little hamster" nickname.

Relive the wildest and also most outrageous jokes the self-proclaimed prank battle champion Pauly D has pulled top top his roommates.
Pauly, Lauren and Angelina look back at the moment Jenni smacked Mike, Mike"s all-out brawl through Ronnie, his apology to Nicole and his i can not forget proposal to Lauren.
Vinny and Pauly sign up with Angelina come look earlier at she original spreading tape, wherein she compares it s her to Kim Kardashian, recounts a club altercation and talks aspirations.
Lauren Pesce (a.k.a. Mrs. Situation) joins the Jersey shore roommates to send message of love and support come Mike, who"s celebrating his date of birth behind bars.
Yeah buddy! No issue where the roommates go, everyone recognize Pauly D has the most memorable one-liners.
After Angelina reads tweets from she haters, Pauly D place his signature optimistic spin top top the comments.
Jersey Shore: family members Vacation actors members Pauly D, Vinny, Deena and also Angelina team up with Mike"s wife, Lauren Pesce, come play an intriguing video game of "Would girlfriend Rather."
During a heart-to-heart v Deena, Jenni reveals how her son"s autism diagnosis has influenced her family.
Ronnie meets up v Pauly and Vinny to recount the minute he to be physically struck in a parking lot in Secaucus, NJ.
Deena, Nicole, Pauly, Ronnie and also Angelina anxiously wait in ~ a sporting activities bar to hear news around Mike"s long-awaited sentencing.
During a drunken hangout about a bonfire, Ronnie discover his girlfriend Jen might be pregnant v their 2nd child.
While organizing Mike"s bachelor party, the women arrange a surprised visit indigenous his fiancee Lauren, and the men plan an occasion worthy that his situation days.
Jenni tells Nicole her side that the story concerning her split from Roger and also reveals that she think is more than likely amused by the situation.
Join organize Ken Jeong and also celebrities prefer Jhene Aiko, Saweetie, Seventeen, Olivia Munn and Daniel Dae Kim to stand with the AAPI community with See us Unite for Change, Friday in ~ 8/7c.
Sebastian Maniscalco does his finest to discover the essential names for the 2019 VMAs before he master on respectable 26, but he"s acquired a long method to go.

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