A sweeping 2nd hand clock gleams extravagance and also adds excitement in providing a smooth motion instead of dull once-a-second ticks.

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Such types that wristwatches room not rarely because any timepiece the runs top top a mechanical motion comes through a smooth sweep. Also some quartz watches have it, giving extended choices for the buyers to select from.

However, sweeping 2nd hand watches differ from each various other in having different frequencies, accuracies, prices, and also working instrument – every timepiece is not the same.


The Bulova Precisionist 96B158 represents a family members of smaller case sizes and an ext universal aesthetics, do it fantastic everyday watch.

We decided this one out of so plenty of for the perfectly clean view on the sweeping 2nd hand. The watch hands come through a contrasting silver-toned shade that is straightforward to record on a dark textured dial.

The smaller situation sizes of these functional watches space not actually that little because the 42mm stainless steel situation that comes with this piece is considered slightly end the industry average. Yet it’s relatively thin, in ~ 9.3mm in thickness, which go well with attires that often require slipping the watch under the sleeve.

Quality-wise, the confront is spanned with a conventional mineral crystal you’ll discover in most of the affordable watches this days, and also the tape is of black leather, offering dressy appeal and also comfort.

Feel cost-free to examine out various other Bulova Precisionist models ~ above Amazon – there’s lot of of them through utterly hopeful customer reviews.

Tissot Visodate T0194301603101

Frequency: 8 beats/sec

This Tissot Visodate Automatic watch is among the couple of 28,800 vph representatives through a relatively budget price tag. Through the way, this certain model functions on our perform of the optimal affordable Swiss watches as well, which indicates high quality and also the automatically movement’s reliability.

The identified ETA 2836-2 caliber ensures the the second’s hand sweeps in a pleasingly smooth manner. Also, the 25 jewel bearings because that friction reduction guarantee the the precision is as much as the requirements the Swiss market is well-known for.

Other than that, this elegant dress item is with a practiced light-colored dial and also features a high-quality domed sapphire crystal and 40mm stainless steel case.

Orient Bambino version IV

Frequency: 6 beats/sec

Orient watches belong come the top as soon as it involves affordable automatically timepieces. Its in-house F6922 movement that powers this particular Bambino version IV has actually 40+ hrs of strength reserve and also runs ~ above a frequency that 21,600 vph.

The second hand’s scan motion has been made straightforward to admire v a difference red tip. That also very noticeable since of the deep blue background v a an extremely simplistic design.

Often perceived as among the best dress watches for a $100 price tag, you’ll acquire plenty that quality and also aesthetic beauty for the bucks spent. And if something’s to provide in, then the in-house caliber with a sweeping second hand movement will it is in the last one to let you down.

Grand Seiko White Snowflake

Frequency: perfectly smooth

Although we promised to list affordable sweeping 2nd hand watches, we simply can’t look far from the smoothest sweep of them all, which comes from a Spring journey powered Grand Seiko White Snowflake.

This completely hand-made timepiece expenses in thousands yet has plenty to offer. First off, the the second hand’s perfect glide, which is just mesmerizing. Then it’s the luxurious and elegant sapphire-covered dial through a power reserve indicator.

But what truly renders you feel the it’s a genuine luxury piece is the balanced weight that originates from the high-intensity and lightweight titanium instance – the 100 grams is neither heavy nor too light, but totally perfect for every wrist.

Hamilton Khaki ar Auto H64455533

Frequency: 6 beats/sec

The Hamilton brand supplied to rental the famous ETA 2824-2 caliber that had actually a hi-beat 28,800 frequency with a nice sweeping motion. However, the firm decided to swap it for a Powermatic 80, which runs on a lower frequency that 21,600 beats per hour however has prolonged power to make reservation of as much as 80 hours to compensate for it.

The Hamilton Khaki field Auto is likewise one that the models that received the put in order caliber. Despite the reduced frequency, i beg your pardon is barely visible to many of us anyway, the movement gives the ultimate top quality that will last for years when correctly taken care of.

The watch is just one of the optimal automatic the town hall you have the right to buy for less than $500, generally owing to that very same Powermatic 80. The also very sturdy, special anti-reflective and also scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and also a top quality 40mm stainless steel case.

Seiko 5 automatic SNK809K

Frequency: 6 beats/sec

Seiko 5 SNK809K is just one of the many affordable automatically pieces through a kind sweeping 2nd hand. Prefer in numerous gliding-hand timepieces, this one as well comes through a distinctive red 2nd hand, which helps to much better capture the sweet movement.

For being among the finest men’s the town hall under the $100 mark, the offers an excellent value for money v its reputable 7S26A automatically self-winding caliber and durable stainless steel case and also bracelet.

The clock is perfect for those that wish come decorate your wrists with smaller-sized pieces together the instance diameter stays well below the average, at 37mm. It likewise beams versatility, which makes it perfect for various occasions.

Invicta agree Diver 8926OB

Frequency: 6 beats/sec

Finishing the list of the finest sweeping 2nd hand watches is the Invicta agree Diver 8926OB.

It’s the best-selling version from the renowned Pro Diver collection, i beg your pardon is often thought about the cheapest diving line on the market. Return it might not it is in as reputable as Seiko, it nevertheless provides decent quality for the sub-$100 price.

The watch owes much of its design to a famous Rolex Submariner through a 40mm black face and a coin-edge unidirectional bezel. If you’re into Submariners but can’t afford to buy one, climate this agree Diver is your best choice considering its extremely cheap price.

On optimal of the timeless design and also favorable price tag, this optimal Invicta piece runs ~ above Seiko’s non-branded NH35A caliber through a 21,600-frequency, providing a nice sweeping glide.

Conclusion: Sweeping second Hand Watches

We expect this post has to be of good help in getting better to know the human being of sweeping 2nd hand watches.

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As you can see, the mechanism is not only accessible in spring-powered mechanical or Spring drive pieces however can additionally be adjusted to quartz watches. The frequencies differ quite substantially as well when a grand Seiko supplies a perfect gliding motion, whereas the many affordable, the 21,600 vph automatic watches have actually a step count fairly easy come spot. Whichever is her deciding factor, one point is for sure – the sweeping motion you gain out that the city hall is for this reason fascinating that you won’t be looking elsewhere anymore.