Danish model was shooting Bebe's spring 2014 project in Miami Beach as soon as the wardrobe break down occurred


Help isn't coming from over there—unless Nina Agdal was looking in ~ the person with the fashion tape.

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We won't say that Adam Levine's design ex-girlfriend suffered a nip slip today, considering how perfectly happy she continued to look once her dress slipped to disclose pretty lot her entire right breast throughout a picture shoot in Miami Beach

Agdal to be posing at water's edge because that Bebe's spring 2014 project when the wardrobe failure occurred. (Maybe the strap on Bebe's lovely white on slide dress essential a small tightening.)

But probably the 21-year-old Danish beauty, beauty is a student of the Miranda Kerr college of Modeling, since she didn't seem as well concerned. 

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Agdal rather just rearranged the dress' neckline and got ago to the company at hand. Later on in the shoot, she was joined in the surf by a masculine model.

Fully dressed as soon as again, she shared top top a pic on Instragram in which she's photobombing a woman who's kicking earlier and analysis the November concern of Ocean Drive, featuring Agdal on the cover.


Agdal, whose brand-new boyfriend is The Wanted's Max George, talked around her split from Levine because that the very first time in her interview v the mag.

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"I am 21 year old, and I don't think anyone who is 21 knows what love is around yet," the model said. "I think love just happens. It happened to castle Behati Prinsloo> and I'm happy because that them. Ns am not even worried about anything choose that."

"If other is supposed to be, climate it will certainly be," she continued. "I feel prefer so numerous young girls have this idea of a connection or marital relationship or love and also don't also know. We are 21 years old, okay? Go out, have a tequila, and also stop worrying about it."

Then again, Agdal also has George going gaga over she at the exact same time.

"We ended up being friends quickly and also we obtained on yes, really well. We stayed friends for six months and eventually we said, 'Shall we make a go of the or what?'" the brothers singer said OK! about obtaining romantic v Agdal. "I'm no connection expert, yet I favor the method this one's happened. Ns wouldn't change anything."