STEPHEN Belafonte’s ex-girlfriend says the current claims against him have actually brought back memories the a brutal “choke” attack.

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STEPHEN Belafonte’s ex-girlfriend claims the current claims against him have actually brought back memories the a brutal “choke” assault — and admits she should have warned Mel B about his abuse.

The sunlight reports Nicole Contreras, 41, broke a 14-year silence over the assault which observed him convicted.

Raging Stephen pinned her versus a wall and thrust his arm throughout her neck ivorycrimestory.come choke her.

The former bikini design screamed in ~ the brute ivorycrimestory.come let walk then called cops.

Her shocking story winter what Mel B cases in court files she sustained in her close to ten-year marriage with him.

Nicole texted the former Spice Girl this week following her very own abuse allegations against Belafonte.

Speaking around the 2003 assault for the an initial time publicly, Nicole said: “Stephen ordered me through the arms and also pushed me versus the wall”.

“His hands to be digging right into my arms and he was yes, really hurting me.

“He was inches from my face and also screaming at me. I could feel his hot breath on my cheeks.

“I was frightened and begged him to stop.

“But Stephen wouldn’t — he placed his arm across my neck and had me in a throttle hold.

“I was struggling ivorycrimestory.come breathe. I knew I had to escape.

“I screamed for him to gain off me. Somehow I managed to get away and also call 911.”


Stephen Belafonte"s ex-girlfriend Nicole Contreras said she should have actually warned Mel B. Picture: Twitter

Mum Nicole states Belafonte regularly flew into jealous rages in your five-year on-off relationship.

She states he cheated on her v multiple ladies — and may have bedded she behind Mel’s back.

Mel has claimed that she has actually been abused in restraining bespeak court records filed in Los Angeles.

Nicole said: “He is abusive, controlling and manipulative, and a narcissist and a sex addict”.

“And when he is angry there is no lid to his fury. He demands help.”

Nicole told The sun on Sunday she regrets no alerting the singer around Belafonte.

She said: “When Stephen relocated on indigenous me ivorycrimestory.come Mel, i selfishly didn’t desire to warning her about him”.

“I assumed I really had actually an opportunity to relocate on.

“My biggest fear was not having the strength to acquire away indigenous him.

“When he began seeing Mel I thought I wouldn’t have him in mine life any type of more. It to be a blessing.

“I don’t recognize if she would certainly have even listened ivorycrimestory.come me in ~ the time.

“She seemed enthralled through Stephen. The was exactly how he acquired me too.”


Stephen Belafonte"s ex-girlfriend Nicole Contreras had actually flashbacks the a brutal “choke” attack. Picture: Twitter

Nicole, currently a successful estate agent, very first met filmmaker Belafonte at a West Hollywood society in 2000.

He to be dossing in a guesthouse but charmed her v his brash style and ability to talk his means into Hollywood parties.

Within mainly of dating, Nicole says he started criticising her looks — yet would certainly beat increase other guys over her.

Nicole said: “He would certainly go with my phone and fly right into a fury if he didn’t recognize what i was doing, or if he believed a man was do the efforts to speak to me”.

“By the finish of the an initial month i was thinking it wasn’t right.

“But Stephen is funny. He’s a charmer, life and also soul that the party.

“Yet the signs were certainly there. That threw my phone against a wall and crushed the on the counter top.

“If he believed I had any kind of kind of contact with an additional guy he would go crazy.

“He obtained into numerous fights with guys — mainly over jealousy.”

Nicole claims he would verbally abuse her, informing her “eat a d***” and “die b***h”, and also calling her a “w***e”.

She claimed he even called her “fat” when she to be pregnant with their daughter Giselle, currently 12.

Nicole said: “Stephen would say i wasn’t attractive enough to be a model”.

“He got an extremely aggressive through my friends and also with my household and always intimidated people.

“I definitely thought at some suggest I to be going to finish up in hospital.

“Several times i felt scared — he would grab, shake and also push me.

“I now understand that the is not acceptable for anyone to execute that.”

Mel B is divorcing her husband Stephen Belafonte. Picture: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Sex-mad Belafonte also urged she to have actually threesomes v her mates — i m sorry she never did.

Nicole added: “He doesn’t know what monogamy is”.

“He cheated all the time — at least a dozen times, perhaps more.

“He would certainly say that was working all the time and working late.

“I would certainly go to one of our hangouts and also he would certainly be there through a girl.”

Every time the pair separation up, Belafonte would worm his means back right into Nicole’s affections.

She states she did no feel solid enough to leaving — echoing Mel B’s testimony in court files last week.

The 2003 attack left Nicole badly bruised through marks on her arms and neck.

Cops charged him through battery, and he pleaded no contest.

Belafonte later asserted he did not realise he to be admitting battering Nicole speak he was “confused and also stressed”. However his plea was rejected.

He gained a suspended jail term and was notified to attend a year-long residential violence program and also stay away from Nicole.

Yet the couple got earlier together even after the attack.

They split for great in spring 2005 ­— but not before they slept together as soon as last time.

That night he claimed he had actually met someone “rich”, i beg your pardon may have been Mel.

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte’s nanny Lorraine Gilles. Picture: Backgrid

Mel’s court records allege Belafonte cheated top top her v their nanny Lorraine Gilles, 26, and also paid because that a termination when she fell pregnant v his child. Nicole very first met Lorraine as soon as dropping off her daughter at Mel’s LA mansion.

She said: “I assumed why on planet would Melanie hire this girl?”

“This is totally Stephen’s kind — a warm blonde. It was crazy. I had actually suspicions.”

Lorraine has strongly denied any fling through Belafonte.

Nicole currently hopes previous X element judge Mel steers clear of Belafonte for good.

She added: “A many things rang true because that me as soon as I read what she’d to be through”.

“I certainly feel bad for her and also I think she was no in a good space.

“I can certainly relate as a woman ­feeling scared and not knowing how to leaving someone.”

She added: “My post to people is if you space in that case take the right measures to obtain out the it. Love yourself and also have the toughness to obtain out of it.”

Mel B and also Stephen Belafonte in more happiness times. Picture: Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

Of her message this week, she said: “I asked Mel if she was OK, and also she claimed she was gaining on every right. I had actually a actual concern”.

“She is Giselle’s stepmum and also has been in her life for lengthy time.

“If the allegations space true then i am glad she is acquiring out of the mess.

“It sounds like she remained in the same place as me, probably worse.

“I just know that when I was with him it to be a really unhappy time in mine life.”

Belafonte has denied assaulting Mel.

He claimed last night: “It is in the hands of my lawyers. My children are the only thing that issue to me.”

Their legal fight continues.

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This write-up originally appeared on The Sun and was republished with permission.