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America"s following Top Model™ Launches Mobile video game for iOS and also Android

Journey indigenous dreamer come America"s following Top model in this totally free mobile experience


HOLLYWOOD, Calif., might 3, 2018 / -- America"s #1 TV host and also creator that America"s next Top Model, Tyra Banks and also Ace and King Productions this day announced the release of the America"s next Top model Mobile Game, a totally free download on worldwide iOS and also Android app stores. The Fierce One bring her countless talents come the mobile display letting fans specify their style, travel the world, master the runway and also ultimately become America"s following Top Model.





This mobile experience enables fans to construct their unique look, personality and also fashion sense as lock fight to the optimal of the fashion world. Aspiring models discover the totally 3D world, visiting the planet Fierce Salon, shopping following Level Fierce Finds and also updating your photos at GlamLight Studios to change their look, nail auditions, and book runways indigenous LA to Paris. And it goes much deeper than that, players do friends and frenemies, communicating with roommates, agents, publicists, models and an ext along the way. Tyra"s vision and message that created ANTM room reflected in every aspect of the experience, ideal down come the character customization arisen with feedback native LBGTQ leader to for sure inclusiveness in every edge of the digital world.

Key Features

Create your very own aspiring model and also rise come Top model status with the help of ANTM experts. Come to be a fashion icon: set yourself apart through fashion-forward wardrobes. Grow your society media following and increase her brand. Models rise through the ranks as they try out brand-new poses, walks and dress the part! Adventure throughout the world: dominate NYC and open doors to the remainder of the people – London, Jamaica, India and also more! Network and build your brand: visit various shops and also businesses about the country and also make new friends along the way. The mobile game records the essence of what it"s prefer being an up-and-coming model and the quintessential ANTM experience.

"We"re excited to lug the America"s next Top model experience to life in an all-new way," claimed David Ortiz, Founder & CEO, Ace and also King Productions. "Tyra Banks" large experience together a legend model, organization mogul, producer and America"s #1 TV hold brings unique and authentic storylines come this deep mobile gaming experience."

The video game was featured in the show"s cool prize parcel of bicycle 24 and will incorporate the bike 24 winner. Additionally, Tyra will consistently update her 42 million social media followers as brand-new features, challenges, and also storylines are revealed.

The America"s following Top model Mobile video game is arisen by Ace & King Productions, a brand-new media firm led by Hollywood veteran Jamie gold and video game veteran David Ortiz, previously of EA SPORTS and also Microsoft.

About America"s following Top Model

America"s next Top version is developed by 10 by 10 to chat in association through The Tyra Banks company and spread by CBS television Distribution. The executive, management producers are Ken Mok ("Making the Band"), Tyra Banks, Dana Gabrion, Paul Buscemi and also Jaimie Glasson. The series was created by Tyra Banks and developed by Mok and Kenya Barris. Currently, "America"s following Top Model" runs top top VH1 in the united state and is under patent in end 100 markets roughly the world and also has 20 worldwide versions in production. "America"s next Top Model" and also the "America"s following Top Model" style are licensed worldwide by CBS Studios International. For much more information, go to
ANTMVH1 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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About Ace and King Productions

Ace and King Productions is a revolutionary trans-media firm focused top top film, TV and also gaming finance and production. They manage an exceptional library of partner content, successfully amortizing it throughout established and emerging to chat verticals. A&K Productions is founded by and also employs award-winning technology and entertainment experts who build world-class game, film, animated and also TV content. They space currently arising AAA experiences in cooperation with significant studios, networks and independent production companies because that film, TV, streaming, VR, AR, console, PC and also mobile platforms.