Improving Your wellness Through balanced Treatment that the Body and also Mind

New directions is here to help, even if it is you’re experiencing stress, struggling with addiction, or seeking behavioral health advice.

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Supporting Happy, Healthy and Productive Employees

Our suite of behavior health solutions – from coordinated treatment to life coaching and more – uses solutions for a full selection of employee mental wellness needs.

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A partnership in Member Care

We take it a collaborative approach in caring because that our members together our network companies by providing resources, tools and also a specialized team the is prepared to help.

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Custom solutions for your Members

With extensive experience in behavior health, we job-related with our health setup partners to control costs, retain accounts and implement innovative services that aid members navigate a complete continuum of care.

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Behavioral wellness Solutions

Coordinated Care

Our custom services are designed to supply whole-person care by supplementing the member’s treatment team with our in-house behavioral health clinicians and also professionals.

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Behavioral wellness Solutions

Employee help Program

Physical, mental and emotional well-being is an important to your workplace success. As a part of our an extensive behavioral wellness services, our employee assistance program (EAP) help employees with a range of obstacles they might face.

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Join ours Team

With a commitment to work-life balance and a mission to boost the resides of those we serve, us are constantly searching for passionate people to join the new Directions family.

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