#RHOA"s Broadway diva did no feel welcome top top the talk display — and took come Twitter come share her feelings. 

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NeNe Leakes may have stepped away from The actual Housewives that Atlanta, but Tuesday"s visit to The View was together tense as an encounter with her other Georgia peaches. NeNe landed on the talk present ready to talk about her upcoming stint as Matron Mama Morton in Chicago on Broadway, but it appears her endure was less than enjoyable. "Just sat through a bunch of mean girls turning up their noses, looking u increase & down as if u don"t belong! The dislike was so real & SAD," NeNe tweeted after she appearance on Tuesday, which has because been deleted.

So what inspired such a tweet native NeNe? she feelings towards the females of The View appeared to be the result of a few icy moments in between herself and co-host pleasure Behar, who NeNe called out a pair of times for making digs relating to she time on RHOA. For instance, delight was surprised to hear that NeNe feel ganged increase on by the other RHOA ladies throughout Season 7 the the show. "Imagine every one of you girls coming in ~ one human being at a table," NeNe said on The View. "It"s no cool. It"s not fair for everybody come come at you at as soon as and try to do you something that you"re not. It"s no cool."

When talking around her future with RHOA, NeNe go on to say the "lots of girl would favor to imitate the NeNe Leakes brand." happiness sarcastically replied, "She"s modest. No wonder you"re friends through Donald Trump. I acquire the connection. She loves Donald." NeNe then corrected pleasure by saying, "I don"t have actually anything against Donald. I like Donald. I think he"s very true to who he is. Ns didn"t say i was voting because that him, honey. I claimed I chosen him."

The View hosts tried to coax NeNe into singing a small something from Chicago, with joy saying, "Come on, girl. Pressure yourself." NeNe obliged, but not prior to throwing a tiny shade Joy"s means first. "I can"t through Joy. Isn"t she something?" NeNe said prior to singing the finish of "When You"re an excellent to Mama" from Chicago. It"s practically surprising the NeNe didn"t end the segment v "Girl, bye."

NeNe did tweet out a link to an Instagram photograph of herself through Whoopi Goldberg, Paula Faris, Candace Cameron Bure, and Raven-Symone. Joy is noticeably lacking from the pic.

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NeNe kicks off her run in Chicago on November 22. Inspect out one of her shadier moments from RHOA in the clip, below.