Jordan Lloyd won huge Brother 11 ~ receiving 5 of the 7 votes, including the (irrelevant) one cast by viewers, that voted much more than 11 million votes. Natalie Martinez got Russell and also Kevin’s votes, but because Jordan to be up versus Natalie and the jury had turned toxic towards the teenager, Jordan’s victory wasn’t a surprise.

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What was a surprise, though, is that Ronnie claimed Natalie was 24, not 18. What?! Why didn’t who tell me this?! Really? She totally fooled me! I acquired owned! OMG.

Julie Chen to be so pregnant she had to undertake a Slanket for the two-hour finale, which to be anti-climactic and overly padded. Jeff winner the viewer favourite $25,000 vote, which Julie Chen stated “wasn’t even close.” can we please prevent orgasming end Jeff now? Thanks.

Thankfully, the stupid, pointless last HOH competition went to a tiebreaker so it wasn’t as the random outcome that would have actually resulted indigenous the commonly stupid, impossible-to-know questions. Both Kevin and Jordan seemed to choke on the tiebreaker, yet Jordan guessed there were a complete of 50 votes actors all season, while Kevin guessed 80. The answer was 51, and Jordan smartly chose to take Natalie come the end with her.

Having the jury questions live to be lame, especially since they had actually a time border (with those two women, a minute is barely enough time because that them to kick-start their brains), and the jury members asked questions the whole group selected, or part such nonsense. And also Kevin got to ask just one concern for one person. On top of that, the jury’s pre-finale deliberations were basically just an chance for Jeff to argue through Lydia, i beg your pardon was rather fun but really, it’s tough to treatment much in ~ this point.

At first I was annoyed that there was less than a half-hour for the reunion, commercials, and the revelation of the votes, however really, a reunion between a) civilization who haven’t had time come reflect and also decompress, and b) idiots does no need much time in ~ all. Julie Chen rescued it with some spicy questions, like complicated Jessie ~ above his definition of “platonic” after reflecting footage that his intimacy v Lydia.

Ronnie acquired all excited and also said “there’s someone the took lying to a brand-new level in this game,” revealing Natalie’s huge secret to Jordan and also Kevin, leading to Natalie to throw her head earlier and laugh prefer she had just encouraged everyone she was, say, a dragon, or a decent person.

Ronnie likewise defended Michelle, and Julie Chen did some Chima-bashing (“No one desires to safeguard Chima below or her actions?”). She might also have simply added, “And doesn’t desire to ever before see their check if lock don’t play ball with our Chima narrative?”

Making your final debates to the jury, two of the weakest players in the video game made sort of weak arguments. Jordan said, “I did it on mine own,” citing her last few moves in the house, plus she recent an obstacle wins. Natalie, naturally, ongoing to review history, arguing, “I didn’t feeling I had to win the many competitions to acquire to the end.” that course, every main she claimed she’d need to win in stimulate to perform something, and then proceeded come lose because she’s a twit.

Because producers retained the two women inside the house until the critical moments, Natalie acquired no sense of exactly how much many viewers loathe her, although during the Q&A jury, the audience laughed once she stated “I stuck true come every single ally i had. I never backstabbed me, betrayed them, or flopped on them. I was true to mine alliance.” however Ronnie’s criticism was pretty much the many she received, and since she acquired two votes, she most likely feels okay. And heck, two votes isn’t negative for an 18-year-old.


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