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Naruto: can be fried Ninja Heroes 2: The Phantom Fortress Cheats because that PSP

Unlockable teams These teams can be supplied in Heroes Mode.

Unlockable Unlockable Itachi and Kisame Itachi,Kisame,and Orochimaru Jiraiya and also Kakashi pick Tsunade and also Sakura in Hero mode Sasuke,Orochimaru,and Kabuto Kakashi and also Guy Naruto,Hinata,and Lee Tsunade and Shizune Guy and also Lee Kakashi,Guy,and Shizune Sakura,Ino,and Hinata Naruto and Jiraiya Orochimaru and also Kabuto Neji and also Hinata Sasuke,Neji,and Shikamaru Naruto,Sakura,and Sasuke Itachi,Sasuke,and Kakashi Orochimaru and Sasuke The third hokage and also Tsunade The third Hokage,Jiraiya,and Tsunade Jiraiya,Tsunade,and Orochimaru Naruto,Sasuke,and Garra Naruto,Kibe,and Choji Sasuke and Itachi
Association of Ninja Thugs
Author & Fan
Cunning Master and Student
Dark Alliance
Eternal Rivals
Hard workers United
Hokage and also assistant
Hot Blooded Master and also Student
Leaf Jonin
Maidens in Love
Master & Student
Shadows of Evil
Team Byakugan
Team Genius
Team Kakashi
Team Sharingan
The Cursed
The Guides
The Leaf"s Greatest
The legendary Sanin
Those Who know Loneliness
Triple Trouble
Uchiha Clan

Contributed by: jjcalled, Brat05

Unlockable characters Unlockable Unlockable end up 100 Floors the Mugenjo end up 30 Floors of hidden Mugenjo to win Heroes setting on Insane win Heroes mode on hard end up 100 Floors the Mugenjo finish 100 Floors of Mugenjo finish 30 Floors of covert Mugenjo beat Heroes setting on Insane end up 100 Floors the Mugenjo beat Heroes setting on tough finish 100 Floors the Mugenjo complete 100 Floors of Mugenjo complete 30 Floors of concealed Mugenjo finish 100 Floors the Mugenjo beat Heroes mode on tough
Hidden Mugenjo
Third Hokage

Contributed by: NoNameNoob, ArtIsABlast

Walkthroughs & FAQs

form Name record Size general FAQs basic FAQs
FAQ/Move perform by TorchZero 41K
FAQ/Move perform by x MJ x 47K