Miranda Lambert is one of a few big-name unique guests to show up on Collin Raye's upcoming album, Scars, the "Love, Me" singer's first collection that original material in more than 10 years. In fact, Lambert's cameo come on the project's location track, i m sorry Raye has released as a an initial glimpse into his brand-new material.

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Lambert powerfully theatre the role of harmony vocalist in "Scars," a ballad that shows on the lasting clues -- both physical and also emotional -- that a human being incurs over the food of your life.

"But the pains that i remember / Is the pains that renders me more powerful / I've had actually to look in ~ life that way," the pair song in one specifically poignant moment. "I've learned to rise over it / To save from walking under / take it it step by step, work by day / and also I'm no ashamed ..."

A "Scars" music video showcases a selection of people in the midst of various struggles, every waging their very own battle versus whatever that is that's resulting in their scars. We see civilization in the throes of addiction to alcohol and also pills, a mrs entrenched in an abusive relationship, a homeless male with a sign that reads "Once i Was prefer You," and also a number of servicemen and also -women bravely fulfilling your duties.

"Scars" was co-written through Raye's brother, Scotty Wray, who also happens to it is in a longtime pal of and also guitar player for Lambert; in fact, Wray and also Lambert performed very early iteration the "Scars" earlier in January that 2016, during a writer's round-style performance that Lambert offered at Nashville's City Winery. As soon as she presented their performance, Lambert admitted the the song was a challenging one for she to sing.

"This tune is -- Oh, God, ns hope I'm no gonna cry once I sing it," she said, walking on to describe that she and Wray have been performing with each other ever due to the fact that she was 17, and that castle had both had "a really, really s--tty year in 2015."

For those maintaining score in ~ home, 2015 was the year that Lambert's very public divorce from Blake Shelton. While Wray's an individual life isn't nearly as widely documented, he and also Lambert linked over their an overwhelming years through getting corresponding wrist tattoos, i beg your pardon the two verified off indigenous the stage.

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"Anyway, we supplied to simply be the band, me and also him, for a long, long time. And he wrote this song, like, 16 year ago, a year prior to I met him. And also I have been in love through it for that long ... Every time he sings it, I would certainly cry, for the critical 15 years."

The song's illustration on Scars provides his brand-new project even much more powerful, Raye point out out, because the 2 brothers likewise have a long-standing musical history together, also if lock parted methods at a details point in their careers. Wray's name appears in the songwriting credits of a grasp of monitor on Raye's new album, and also the 2 men also wrote a pair of the songs together.

"Being the we started our musical journey together as teenagers, then in our 20s we started to go separate paths, this album is important a 'full circle' minute in my life," Raye reflects. "The timing because that this is simply right."

Every one of Scars' 14 tracks was co-written or created by one of two people Raye or his brother, through Raye having actually a hand in 12 of the song on the project. When it came to the recording part of the album-making process, Raye included some unique twists on the material, too: The black color Keys' Dan Auerbach plays electric guitar transparent the album, and Vince Gill also serves together duet companion for the seventh track, "Rodeo Girl."

1. "Ghost Story" (Scotty Wray)2. "Scars" (duet through Miranda Lambert) (Scotty Wray, Tony Ramey)3. "Bad Storm comes Tonight" (Pat McLaughlin, Joe Allen, Collin Raye)4. "Dancing Alone in the Street" (Collin Raye)5. "Never Going earlier There Again" (Collin Raye, Britanny Raye, Michael Curtis, troy Powers)6. "Loved By an Angel" (Pat McLaughlin, David Ferguson, Collin Raye)7. "Rodeo Girl" (with Vince Gill) (Pat McLaughlin, David Ferguson, Collin Raye)8. "Chasing Renee" (Collin Raye, Jacob Wray)9. "I’ve gained a Lot to Drink About" (Collin Raye, Shaunna Larkin)10. "Ever comprising Time" (Collin Raye, Gene Lasage)11. "Let It walk Away" (Joe Allen, Collin Raye, David Ferguson)12. "Rock ’n’ role Bone" (Collin Raye)13. "Young as We’re ever before Gonna Be" (Scotty Wray, Collin Raye)14. Mama Sure could Sing" (Scotty Wray, Collin Raye)