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Hugo Weaving stars together ‘Tom Doss’ in HACKSAW RIDGE. Courtesy that Lionsgate

Courtney Howard // movie Critic

Directors periodically like to make cameo appearances in their films. Alfred Hitchcock generally did it. Quentin Tarantino has developed entire characters for himself to inhabit. However, as soon as you check out HACKSAW RIDGE, you will do it walk away hard-pressed to discover director Mel Gibson in the frames. That’s only since you didn’t look close enough. When his recognizable confront stays the end of the picture, a couple of select body parts make cameo appearances in the scene where conscientious objector Desmond Doss (Andrew Garfield), who has been court marshalled and thrown right into jail for sticking with his beliefs, is ~ above trial. Hugo Weaving, that plays Desmond’s war vet/ abusive alcoholic dad Tom, is additionally featured in the scene – well, supposedly not as much as it appears.

At the film’s current Los Angeles push conference, Gibson shared about his stealth appearance.

I remained in it! My eight is in it. True story, I said to Hugo , ‘Come execute this.’ he said, ‘Yeah okay.’ and also then he changed his mind. The scheduling was such that he couldn’t do the scene in the courtroom, so i did it. There’s mine hand and also shadow and also stuff and we eco-friendly screened that in later. The wasn’t in reality there.

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Andrew Garfield added,

I wasn’t exhilaration opposite Hugo in that scene. Ns was acting v Mel in his jeans and tee shirt turn off camera. Us were trying to convince him to put the entirety bloody costume on, however he didn’t.