Early life and also educational background

Michael Anthony Trevino was born ~ above the 25th of January 1985, in Montebello, California, USA, to Mexican-American parents. His mother is one immigrant indigenous Zacatecas, Mexico, while his father to be born to mexican immigrant parents close to Fresno, California. Growing up, he had an interest in acting, and participated in a variety of high institution theatre productions.

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He took theatre classes at Playhouse West to additional his acting career, and attended the Don Bosco technological Institute.


Acting Career

In 2009 at the period of 20, Michael do his TV debut together Tim Bowser in an episode of the collection “Summerland”. He made countless guest appearances in mirrors such as “Charmed”, “Bones”, “Cold Case” and “CSI: Miami”, before he acquired his huge break.In 2006, the was cast in his very first lead function in the for Disney’s film “Cow Belles”, followed by recurring functions in “Cane” and “The Riches” that were far better than his early stage roles, and also gave an ext exposure to his talent. In 2008, he appeared as Ozzie, a love attention for one of the key characters, Naomi, in three episodes of The CW’s “90210”.Gradually, that was available bigger duties as his performances to be appreciated by critics and also the audience. After appearing in a couple of more guest duties in “CSI : NY” and “The Mentalist”, in 2009 that earned his most memorable duty as Tyler Lockwood in CW’s “The Vampire Diaries”, appearing in 94 illustration in the collection over the next couple of years, in 2013, showed up in 2 episodes reprising his role in that is spinoff, “The Originals”.
After six seasons on one of the many successful tv shows, the made the decision to leave the present due come the lack of a suitable storyline for his character in the next season. Similarly, his co-star Nina Dobrev also left the show the same time that did.He has starred in much more films including “The Factory” and also “Out the Control” as well as the TV collection “Sunset Park” and “Camp” with his appearances being praised as soon as again through critics and also the audience. Currently, he’s playing the masculine lead as Kyle Valenti in the CW’s “Roswell, brand-new Mexico”.


Ex-Girlfriend Jenna Ushkowitz

Michael Trevino started dating “Glee” star Jenna Ushkowitz in 2011. Initially, the couple kept their partnership out that the spotlight, yet eventually do their first public appearance together at the display screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards and also several after-parties. The pair once go a photoshoot with the celebrity photographer Tyler Shield, and he wrote, ‘You can’t Photoshop passion… yes something about shooting a real pair that is so magical’ on a post.Jenna UshkowitzHowever, after just three year the couple broke it off in 2014, the actress confirming the separation at the premiere the HBO film, “The typical Heart” in May, after ~ a photographer asked about their relationship. She replied, ‘No, we’re not with each other anymore’ and later ‘That’s okay, no worries’, when he apologized. After the break-up, they have actually mentioned each various other a couple of times on social media; Jenna wished that a happy date of birth on her Instagram account and he advocated her book, “Choosing Glee”.

Awards and also achievements

In 2011 and 2012, he winner the Teen’s choice Award for “Male scene Stealer” in “The Vampire Diaries”He was nominated because that an ALMA award for favourite TV Actor- Supporting role in a Drama for “The Vampire Diaries”.

Hobbies, favorite things and also interesting facts

Michael is an avid deep-sea fisherman, snowboarder and also surfer.An Old navy commercial was one of his an initial jobs.He once did a photoshoot because that Bench body Underwear.As a teenager, the actor endured from anxiety and also depression, and was an introvert and very shy.The actor doesn’t eat many sweets, through the exemption of Halloween sweets.His star authorize is Aquarius.Mexican food is his favourite cuisine, especially when cooking by his grandmother.He have the right to speak both English and Spanish fluently.Michael desires to pat a function based in eastern Los Angeles wherein he grew up, and also might even create the role himself.Michael does not smoke, however he does drink alcohol.His favorite actor is Johnny Depp, when his favorite films are “The Godfather”, “Nacho Libre” and also “The Libertine”.

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Appearance and clothing style

Net Worth and Salary

The actor has actually spent an ext than 15 years in the market as an gibbs with numerous roles in television series and films. Follow to Celebrity net Worth, Michael’s net worth is a quite superior $4 million.

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