Megan Rossee, 25, that was outed previously this week as the girl friend of Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, has actually quit her job at BLOK, a Hollywood nightclub. Apparently the new relationship comes with terrific fringe benefits.

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Sources told the Hollywood Gossip website the she left the position at Phelps’ request: “Michael no longer wants Megan functioning in that form of environment, for this reason he’s agreed come cover any type of expenses she has until her modeling and acting career take it off.” A mainly or two at most, right?

Here space a few things I understand you’re just dying to uncover out about Rossee.

She’s a regular tweeter whose nickname because that her man is Bear.

Her modeling career is strictly legit. Her design Mayhem profile cases she is “super basic going and pretty lot down for any type of project (that doesn’t indicate nudity).”

Unlike countless models, Rossee likes come eat. (That’s good, since Phelps ingests four times as plenty of calories per day as the average guy when he’s functioning out.) Hamburgers are noted as among her favorites.

Rossee is 5-foot-7, 125 pounds and also wears a size 7 shoe. She’s especially an excellent at modeling bikinis. She met Phelps in a las Vegas night club, wherein such legacy were apparently obvious. They’ve been dating for around five months.

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Rossee’s father claims she is definitely not a yellow digger. That’s a relief. Top top the various other hand, what’s a dad supposed to say?


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