SPOILER ALERT: The story includes details around the Season 2 finale the The Royals and a plot twist because that Season 3.

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EXCLUSIVE: he is alive! After solid indications in the Season 2 finale that The Royals the Prince Robert, lengthy presumed dead, possiblysurvivedwhen his plane was shooting down, the will appear in the flesh. Max Brown (The Tudors) is collection to playthe oldest son of Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) and the late King Simon (Vincent Regan). British-born Brown is joining the actors of E!’s first original scripted drama series in Season 3. The level of his authorized is not being disclosedbut i hear he would be a collection regular.

Prince Robert is a regal, heroic man whose love for his nation is just superseded through the love he has for his family, in spite of their numerous flaws. The character has played a pivotal duty on The Royals. His sudden death thrusted his younger brother, Prince Liam (William Moseley), into the spotlight. Nowhisreturn could help the lives of the Queen, Liam and also Eleanor (Alexandra Park) who have actually gone under a destructive, tumultuous route in his absence.

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Hurley, Moseley, Park and Jake Maskall (King Cyrus) will return together the scandalous royal family at the helm of a corrupt monarchy through Tom Austen reprising his role as the sexy yet duplicitous bodyguard Jasper and also Genevieve Guant returning together Willow, close friend of Prince Liam.

Season 3picks up two weeks after ~ the execution that King Simon’s murderer who had plagued the royal family members for months. Prince Liam and Princess Eleanor room at the elevation of their celebrity status, dispute on that is the rightful heir to the throne continues, and the potential return the the presumed deceased Prince Robert would additional complicate things.

The Royals, a breakout once it released in 2015,is co-produced by Lionsgate and also Universal Cable Productions. Creator note Schwahn executive produces with Brian Robbins, Joe Davola and Shauna Phelan.

Brown, whose collection credits likewise includeYou, Me and also The Apocalypse, certified dealer Carter, and Sleepy Hollow, will following be seen in the attribute That great Night. That is repped by silver Lining Entertainment, UTA and United Agents.

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