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This season top top Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore has actually herself a new boyfriend called Matt Jordan. Critical month, Moore talked around her man to EnStarz in February 2016, speak that, “It’s walk well. I have actually learned from mine mistakes. Ns don’t try to dream anymore. It just seems to be functioning for me ideal now.” Let’s obtain all the details ~ above Jordan below.

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1. Jordan Is a an individual Trainer

Jordan is a personal trainer for Life Time strong in Atlanta. In fact, the is just how Jordan and also Kenya Moore gained together together she had been functioning out through him. He asked she out, mirroring interest in her, but, follow to the couple, it take it a small convincing.

2. The Bought His girl friend Kenya Moore 2 Dogs

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My brand-new babies King and also Twirl love me already. ???

A write-up shared through Kenya Moore Daly (
thekenyamoore) on january 24, 2016 at 11:02am PST

Previously, top top Real Housewives that Atlanta, Moore’s pup Velvet was eliminated by a bordering dog. Boyfriend Jordan freshly bought her two dogs as a gift. Moore has named the 2 dogs King and Twirl.

3. Kenya Moore’s Feisty next Intrigues Him

Kenya Moore has a propensity to stir up drama ~ above Real Housewives that Atlanta through her fellow cast-mates. Fortunately, Matt Jordan states he likes that feisty side of his woman. On watch What happens Live, he told Andy Cohen that he actually likes once Moore gets a tiny crazy.

4. Jordan Butted Heads through RHOA actors Member Peter Thomas

I totally feel prefer shit today, top top my way to check out my small man, hope i feel better.

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A write-up shared through PETER thomas (

On a expedition to Jamaica, RHOA cast member Peter cutting board starts giving Jordan a tough time around his age as there is a big age gap between Jordan and Kenya Moore. Jordan felt insulted, yet eventually make amends through Thomas.

This is no the an initial time that thomas has gotten into one uncomfortable case with a fellow RHOA man. In vault seasons, he acquired into a confrontation with Nene Leakes husband Gregg Leakes, who was defending his wife.

5. Moore has actually Voiced the She desires to have a Child

Over the course of Moore’s time on the show, she has actually expressed that she wants to have actually a boy some day. She has also talked around her new house, which is under construction, and having some sort of family. Go Jordan want to have a household some day?