understand Jiang and also The 6 Kingdoms Updates: Is The Animated epic Still Coming? A teaser trailer for grasp Jiang and The six Kingdoms dropped back in 2014, yet is the Chinese animated epos still happening? here’s what us know.

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Master Jiang and also The 6 Kingdoms
Is animated epic Master Jiang and also The six Kingdoms tho happening? ago in 2014 a jaw-droppingly gorgeous trailer reduce on YouTube because that a film titled Master Jiang and also The 6 Kingdoms that promised an animated adventure prefer no other. Created by Beijing-based computer animation studio One&All, the epic five-and-a-half minute long teaser trailer was made every the much more impressive by the truth it was hand-animated by simply two very talented artist – Li Wei and Pei Fei – despite boasting the quality of a Studio Ghibli film.

Although the plot could have been lost on west audiences unfamiliar v Chinese lore, Master Jiang and also The six Kingdoms was to be based upon the classic 16th-century novel Fengshen Yanyi (AKA The Investiture the The Gods) and also its fictionalized version of Zhou dynasty nobleman Jiang Ziya. The epos novel is a romanticized retelling that the fall of China’s Shang Dynasty and also is an example of shenmo – a subgenre that fantasy fiction that often interweaves historical events with facets of Chinese mythology.

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The teaser trailer originally promised a 2016 relax date however that was rather some time ago. The great news is the long-awaited Master Jiang and also The 6 Kingdoms is quiet happening - in fact, it’s currently been released. The said, the undergone fairly a few changes due to the fact that it took the internet by storm.

Master Jiang and also The 6 Kingdoms to be Retitled

Jiang Ziya movie
In 2017, One&All animation Studio revealed on its website it was teaming with Beijing production firm Enlight photos - together with its computer animation subsidiary Coloroom - to lug Master Jiang and also The 6 Kingdoms come the large screen. In the process, the movie underwent number of changes. While it’s still loosely based on Fengshen Yanyi, Master Jiang and The 6 Kingdoms to be retitled as Jiang Ziya: Legend that Deification. The traditionally animated layout of the initial trailer was abandoned as well in donate of a 3D CGI model.

Some people may no be as well taken with the move from the stunning, traditional animation in the original Master Jiang and also The 6 Kingdoms trailer come the movie’s CGI model yet Jiang Ziya: Legend the Deification go boast a talented team behind it. Together Li Wei, that animated the initial trailer, the movie is co-directed through talents including Xin Wang, who previously worked together a cinematic artist for game developers Blizzard Entertainment, and Teng Cheng who directed viral brief The Red in 2011.

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Jiang Ziya to be Released In at an early stage October

jiang ziya legend of deification movie
It might have passed a lot of world by, however Master Jiang and also The six Kingdoms/Jiang Ziya: Legend of Deification was already released in the USA and UK top top October 1, 2020. The computer animation was a huge hit in China however with movie theatre attendance in ~ an all-time low in the USA and UK, many thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, Legend that Deification has actually gone reasonably unnoticed. On the upside, that received good reviews indigenous those who were may be to see it. Animation fans that delighted in the human being of Jiang Ziya: Legend of Deification will certainly be happy to find out the movie is set to kind part of a bigger cinematic universe based on Fengshen Yanyi alongside the 2019 Chinese animation Ne Zha and also a handful of forthcoming releases.