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"Come Live v Me Angel" is a sultry spirit song taped by singer Marvin Gaye, approve on his acclaimed 1976 album, I want You. Created by Jacqueline Hillard and Leon Ware, the tune featured erotic text of Marvin wanting his girlfriend to "walk roughly nude" if in the comforts of their home and also later offer breakfast in bed. The track would later be sampled by rap group G-Unit for your hit song, "Wanna obtain to recognize You" special R&B singer Joe in 2004.

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Come live v me angelCome live with me in comfortI wanna be her loverI don"t understand your mood, babyOoh, ns wanna be your loverI really reallyOoh, wanna be your loverWhen you want some solitude, yeahI wanna be her loverYou can"t have actually itOoh, yeah babyI wanna be her loverDarling, please walk around me (at least three time a day)So I deserve to getcha baby(I wanna be your lover) I desire to acquire true at least three times a dayIn all the means baby, wooYou deserve to have your way if you decision to staySoCome live with me, ooh, point of view Come live with me in comfortCome live v me angelCome live v me in comfort(I wanna be your lover) ooh-ooh-ooh (I wanna be her lover) this is wherein all her fantasies end(I wanna be her lover) let me explore all her treasures(I wanna be her lover) I"ll revolve you on to every one of those freakish pleasures(I wanna be her lover) good experienced companyKnows all the means is what friend need, babyJust you and also me locked up for daysAfter us eat breakfast in bedTurn ~ above the music for our headsCome live through me point of view (papas sweet angel)Come live with me in comfort whoo oooCome live v me angelCome live v me in comfortCome live with me my beautiful angelCome live through me in comfortCome live v me darling angelCome live through me in comfortSock it come me (woo)Baby, amount say it come me amount say it to meBaby, amount say it come me (woo)Sock it to meBaby, sock it to meSock it come me Baby, amount say it to meSock it to me (woo-ooh-ooh)Baby, amount say it to meSock it to meBaby, amount say it come meSock it come meBaby, sock it to meSock it to meBaby, amount say it to meSock it come me (woo)Baby, amount say it to me (woo)Sock it come me (woo)Baby, sock it to me (woo)Sock it come me (woo)Baby, amount say it to me (woo)Woo-oohWoo-ooh-ooh-ooh-oohWoo-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-oohWoo-ooh-oohCome ~ above angelCome on and go through me, wooPlease, come on go with me, I said please (woo)Sweet tiny babyIt"s no an enig on just how much I desire youI want you babyI want youI desire you, can"t friend see?I"ll provide you everythingSweet little sexy thingI desire you come live with me, wooCome top top sweet ladyCome ~ above live with me, yeahCome on currently baby, woo

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Marvin Gaye Marvin Gaye (April 2, 1939 – April 1, 1984), born Marvin Pentz Gay, Jr., to be an American singer-songwriter and also musician who career spanned an ext than 2 decades. Born and also raised in Washington, D.C., he to be the son of a storefront minister that a local Pentecostal church sect and grew up to sing gospel in church revivals together a young child.

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Gaye branched out right into secular music as a teenager, involvement the doo-wop team The Marquees, after return from an honorable discharge indigenous the United states Air Force, before the team was hired by Harvey Fuqua to it is in Harvey & The Moonglows. Complying with the band"s separation in 1960, Gaye began working as a session drummer because that the Detroit music label, Anna, before signing through Motown documents in 1961, including an "e" come his s… an ext »