Last time on Married at an initial Sight, two grooms make the efforts to execute a runner, ironically, throughout the show’s very first "commitment" ceremony. BUT, rather of being released earlier into the wild, both men have been compelled to stay another week because TELEVISION! Hahaha hahaha hahaha, and also now it’s awkward.

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Why? since all 11 couples are moving in come the same structure together! Yay! our love triangle attendees -- Dean, Tracey, and also Davina -- all just doors far from each other! exactly how fun!


When they come at their new digs, each married couple finds their framed wedding photo in their new apartments, i beg your pardon is one of two people a beloved memento or an pure kick in the guts, depending upon how it’s going.

Ashley and also Troy rush to check theirs out, and Troy is very impressed.


WoW i'M aMaZiNg!!! Image:

"Of course troy was loving that photo," Ashley says. "It's a picture of him.” troy thinks the his mam looks nearly as great as that does in the picture, i beg your pardon is around the highest praise i think Ashley is going come get.

"She go look good for what she is," he kind says, choose Ashley is Shrek wearing a borrowed ball gown. “She did existing herself and also she perhaps could.”


Meanwhile, Jo — who was blindsided last night as soon as Sean D inquiry to leaving the experiment — arrives at the apartment alone. When Sean D come sheepishly, she sits him under to clear the air.

She apologises for calling that a douchebag during the ceremony. Sean D does no think he is a douchebag, however tells Jo the watching she in tears “broke” his heart. This is the many Sean has ever before said. Is he having actually an allergic reaction? Someone contact triple zero.

They decide to live in different apartments for the moment being.

In another apartment, all-around an excellent Guy Dean unpacks his things in his new, but empty, home. During the meeting ceremony, Tracey (rightfully) yelled in ~ him for questioning to ‘Leave’ the relationship six hours after they had actually sex. He is in the bad books. As soon as his wife arrives moment later, she desires to talk about why he was such a jerk critical night:

TRACEY: "It’s disrespectful come send me such mixed messages. Since intimacy and also the physics affection that's to be non-stop, like, i’ve told you that that method something to me."

DEAN : "How is the disrespectful?"

TRACEY: "It’s disrespectful come send combined messages. You were leading me on. And also taking benefit of me."

DEAN : "What, by having actually sex with you? Taking advantage of you? Really? Really? I an extremely openly and honestly claimed these points to you."


TRACEY: "But you said to me the you would be moral with me, and that we would be honest with each other and also respectful."

DEAN: "How have I no been moral with you? How have I no been respectful? i don’t feel prefer I’ve blindsided you at all. I feel like I’ve to be honest. But, look, ns apologise if friend feel that way. I apologise for hurting your feelings. Maybe It was a little silly of me to just say leaving last night… If I had a do-over appropriate now, I would certainly write stay. Probably we must take a step back, perhaps we have to stop gift physical with together, at least for a couple of days, and shot and job-related through part stuff and also see exactly how it goes. At least give it a shot"

TRACEY: "Is that what you want?"

DEAN: "It’s what i want."

ME: "NO."


TRACEY: "I think there’s as well much right here just come walk away."

ME: "DON’T friend DARE, TRACEY. That A TRAP."

TRACEY : "All I wanted all along is honesty. Honesty is really important. I don't want combined signals. And if that honesty from this evening isn't over there on a day-to-day basis, then game over."

DEAN: "I promise you i will connect more."

He hugs her and jokes that they should have actually sex, while i throw my hand up in the air and quit my job.


Meanwhile (I ask because that my job back because I require an income), in one apartment i beg your pardon is most likely next door, Davina asks Ryan what she thinks around Dean and also Tracey’s hectic commitment ceremony.

She speak a producer, "I would certainly be lie if I claimed I wasn't a small bit excited. From very first glances, Dean is the human that I would certainly be interested in in the exterior world."

She then messages DEAN around the ceremony, and also they begin messaging every other earlier and forth behind Tracey and Ryan’s backs. Have we learnt nothing indigenous the Jonathan and also Scarlett texting occurrence from last year? Was that debacle all in vain?!


Speaking of poor decisions. Image:

Dean the Gentleman is to crawl but additionally going with an existential dilemm re: Davina’s hotness.

"If there was anyone else in the experiment the I’d it is in into, it would be Davina," he tells a producer. "I think Davina is nice hot, because that sure. As soon as she’s dressed really nice, and also really fine dressed up, she looks really good. Other times, I’m no so certain how hot she is. But yeah, she’s definitely attractive." pick A LANE, DEAN!



Blair and Sean T relocate in with each other after Sean T’s failure in the commitment ceremony critical night. He and also Blair promise to open up come each other a little more.

Alycia and Mat have an azer time relocating in. Critical night, he claimed he felt prefer Alycia’s "protective larger brother" which generally bodes poorly when trying to have actually a romantic relationship.

Mat sleeps on the couch because he needs an are from Alycia, and this upsets her. They technique relationship challenges differently. When talking v last night's meeting ceremony, things acquire heated and Alycia asks Mat to lower his voice. He describes that he was "raised by a voice raiser" and that he and also his mum yell at each various other all the time.

"This is what happens once I obtain emotional," that says. "And currently I’m just raising it a small bit and also you won’t listen."

Mat asks because that space. Alycia wants an ext closeness.

He storms out, and also she cries.


:-( Image:

I love lock both, and it’s difficult to watch.

Down the hall, John and also Melissa, Nassar and Gab, and also Telv and Sarah space all having a joyous time moving in to your apartments since they’re extremely adorable. Sarah teaches Telv exactly how to reduced the toilet seat once he’s done peeing. It’s so romantic! toilet training, however for adults!


Meanwhile, Mat decides to remain in a different apartment, which devastates Alycia.

Ryan wakes up on thecouch because two weeks into the marriage he’s quiet not allowed within a 1 metre radius of Davina.

Davina continues to flirt v Dean via text.

"I totally feel like I’m having actually an affair," she says. She is correct.


Some of our couples take component in a ~ funny ~ game referred to as Yes Week where one human in the pair takes charge and also calls all the shots because that a main while the other human being must speak yes come EVERYTHING. An envelope ceded to each apartment reveals who will need to submit us to their partner. These regulates include what the other person eats, wears, what lock do, and where they go. It is mine nightmare.

Ashley is quiet pretending she likes Troy. They build Kmart furniture together, and also Troy declares that ladies are less likely come know exactly how to develop a bookshelf because we haven’t quite hit absent bottom yet. The proceeds to be totally clueless in the art of bookshelf building.



In Sean D and also Jo’s quarters, Jo calls the shots because that Yes Week. We assume Sean will be in fee for oh God No Under No circumstances Week. She has Sean D do her lunch. The is innocent and also boring. He sit awkwardly on the couch, when she eats her meal in silence.

Charlene decides she and also Patrick will do a boots camp together for correct Week. They are sweet and boring, which girlfriend probably figured out at the indigenous ‘boot camp’.

Meanwhile, Alycia and also Mat are still no talking. She looks for advice from Charlene and also Pat, while Mat talks to Sarah and Telv. Mat cries :-( that doesn’t want to hurt her, yet this isn’t transforming out to be the assimilated Alycia wanted. The pair fulfill up come talk. Mat apologises for increasing his voice and also says the realises it’s not appropriate. He wants to make things up to her. They hug and also agree to shot again.

Dean, that firmly believes males should take it the lead, isn’t thrilled about a yes Week led by Tracey. Possibly Troy and also Dean should acquire hitched? Tracey organises because that Dean to have a spray tan. We see much too much of Dean’s body.


Make it stop. Image:

Ryan is stoked to finally have the strength in his partnership with Davina. He dresses Davina up together some kind of Mario Kart character through a hat and also overalls.

They go golfing, and later than night, Ryan provides Davina dinner, i m sorry is confusing. I’m not sure he understands what yes Week is every about. And while he cooks because that his wife, she is text massage Dean. Davina and also Dean make a plan to satisfy up. These two are poor news, and they type of deserve every other.

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Next time, Dean and Davina secretly acquire a drink together while Dean admits to having more of a spark v her than v Tracey.