**THREAD** Be patience &stick v me...1)A "pet" is a sex slave who is a young childObama had actually a "pet" & her name was Maggie NixonHere they are on Martha’s VineyardObama is seen quite often w/a bandaid ~ above his left center fingerEven when he was w/little Maggie Nixon

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2) Maggie Nixon to be the cool daughter of Agnes Nixon, creator of all My children & moreMaggie is also the daughter of buy it Nixon, that is great buds w/ comet ping pong’s James AlefantisMaggies mother keeps the agency of numerous Elite and powerful Alefantis is a real peach

3) as well as Obama, little Maggie Nixon invested her summers in Martha's Vineyard w/many elite, celebrities, politicians, & artistsThe Island of Martha's vineyard is a private, secluded, playground because that the affluent & powerfulClintons, Handler, and yes even Prince Andrew to surname a few

4) Maggie's mother, Sarah, has actually an instagram. The IG handle is 3_ringcircusMuch that the info in this object was grabbed by citizen journalists from she IG account until she was exposed & put her account ~ above privateSome that Sarah’s IG photos were handled Squibnocket

5) right here is little Maggie Nixon v her friends in ~ Squibnocket. Lock visited regularly Pictured in this picture is Romy& Cassie David-daughters that Larry David, Hollywood elite.According to Romy's IG account(also since readjusted to private)they all saw Martha’s vineyard often

6) every the currently deleted IG account,the photo of the girl w/the bandana tops was taken through Jennifer JoanouJoanou has really disturbing artwork fill w/butterflies,MKultra symbology,demons,& young girl The ceiling girl in the bath bathtub looks choose the littlest girl in the bandana pic
7) These tiny girls were..Surrounded by parental who maintained the firm of pedophilesSurrounded by the elite, politicians, and also celebritiesPhotographed by a disturbing artistWent come an elite private island frequently Chances space those trips were no all just for fun
8) here are the exact same bandana girls a yr or so previously with your parentsBesides the bandaid ~ above Maggie’s mom’s finger, the small boy doing the eye of Horus hand symbol, & the comment of “it take away a village”(where have actually we heard that..Hillary?)Why is Levar Burton in this pic?
9)Levar Burton to be the host& executive, management producer of analysis Rainbow which:Ran because that 26 year making itone of the longest to run kid’s regime on PBSWon over 250 awards including 26 EmmysAnd Burton himself won 12 Emmy Awards as host&producer the the showNow STICK v ME...
10) analysis rainbow to be made possible by a couple of grants and also supporters. One to be Pew charitable TrustsWho is the senior Vice chairman of Pew charitable Trusts?None various other than Tamera LuzzatoShe offered as boy name Clinton’s chief of staff She’s likewise WikiLeaks famous....
11)Luzzatto is the woman who was exposed in the Podesta WikiLeak emails for having her kids lugged by uber come a “pool party” in ~ “the Farm” together “entertainment” She additionally had a blog named Evie’s Crib the you could subscribe to to & spend time w/her baby Evie “online,raw,& uncut”
12) Now, everyone who has actually researched project Monarch Programing has actually learned straightforward 101 imageryTwo main pictures that are associated w/the brutal programming are butterflies& black color &white checkered floorInteresting the that Levar Burton starts his show with butterflies & B&W floor
13) We also know the Monarch Programming was specifically for son sex slaves. A huge part the programming is songs and also moviesWhy? A popular song or movie is played throughout the brutalization part of the programming so every time the son hears or sees that they continue to be in check
14)The regime brutalization is done to:Disney imagery& songs Somewhere end the Rainbow(Hence analysis “Rainbow”)Alice in wonderlandRabbits (Easter bunny) Every time these bad children view a Mikey ear sticker, Easter Bunny, or a rainbow your programming is enforced
15)Almost every classroom throughout America watched reading Rainbow dailyIts estimated 11M students per weekThat’s a many kidsI taught 1st gr. As soon as this track came on,all my youngsters would song it. The was virtually hypnoticNotice EVERY clip in this org. Intro has a butterfly
16) over there are kids in EVERY state...& one would argue EVERY ar who have been victims of monarch programming They go to school like every various other child yet are typically programmed during school holidays & summer vacationsThis is open source & numerous have told their stories
17) so we have actually a collection (made feasible by a trust whose VP farms out her youngsters & is Hilary’s best hand woman)that was presented everyday to youngsters w/a host/producer who has an uncanny amt that prestige,hangs the end w/ youngsters who’s parents room elite& believed to have sex slave children
18)W/these relationships one have to wonder the hidden intent of analysis RainbowWith the the town hall of this show in school every single day across the country,the programming of any kind of victimized child would be quickly enforcedIf this is true, these bad children never had a chanceSick

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