Chris Hardwick popped the concern to Lydia Hearst, and also she said yes! The pair attended the 2015 an imaginative Arts Emmy Awards on Saturday, whereby Chris won because that best an innovative achievement in interactive media for his display

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Midnight through Chris Hardwick
. After the event, that proposed to Lydia through a stunning ring, later on sharing the sweet story on social media. "My biggest win of the night was actually
lydiahearst saying YES!!!!" that wrote through a close-up snapshot of the ring, adding, "IT"S OFFICIAL!!! What an absolutely perfect and amazing night!! i love this woman through all mine heart." kris went top top to short article a picture of the pair at the event, share cute details indigenous the large day:

lydiahearst had actually NO IDEA what ns was planning for later. I told she there was a small Emmy after party at the Chateau Marmont. As soon as we obtained up to the room I had to confess the I had tricked her when I pulled out the room key. I opened up the door and the room was filled v wild flower bouquets and also purple increased petals all over the floor (apologies to the housekeeping dept). And also then...IT HAPPENED. I pulled out a liquid ring (the one she"s getting for actual is in NY and also needs to be sized). She affirmed that this union to be mutually agreeable by bursting into tears. Then there to be kissing and cry breath. It to be a scene so romantic, I"m surprised a Rachel McAdams movie didn"t an outbreak around it. I"m guessing the will ultimately be the only Hearst wedding who registry consists of

Meanwhile, Lydia also posted a sweet snapshot and keep in mind on Instagram, writing, "I claimed YES!!!!!! Every love story is beautiful, yet ours is mine favorite. You totally swept me turn off my feet. You have displayed me what it feels favor to it is in loved and also I love you through all my heart. Mine life is much better because you room in that
nerdist." Congratulations come the couple!


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