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Dictionary entry overview: What walk look prefer mean?

LOOK LIKE (verb) The verb look LIKE has actually 1 sense:


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be afflicted with a physical resemblance to


Familiarity information: LOOK LIKE provided as a verb is very rare.

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• LOOK prefer (verb)



Bear a physics resemblance to

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Verbs of being, having, spatial relations

Context example:

She looks like her mother

Hypernyms (to "look like" is one means to...):

resemble (appear like; be similar or be affected by each other a likeness to)

Sentence frames:

Somebody ----s somethingSomebody ----s somebodySomething ----s somebodySomething ----s something

Context examples

"These systems run the danger of reinforcing stereotypes that what you need to look like if you want to be well-known as a guy or a woman," said Scheuerman.

(Facial acknowledgment software has actually a sex problem, nationwide Science Foundation)

D100 will certainly look like D99 in a couple of hundred million years.

(Hubble look at Plunging Galaxy losing Its Gas, NASA)

Don"t i look like a married man and the head of a family?

(Little Women, by Louisa may Alcott)

These cell look like muscle cells, in regards to the way they function and your phenotype, but they don"t protect against dividing, which is why they kind tumors at miscellaneous sites in the body.

(New Genes discovered Responsible for Regulating Muscle Cells, The Titi Tudorancea Bulletin)

But that doesn"t look like an elliptical galaxy, either.

(Dark matter Goes absent in Oddball Galaxy, NASA)

Under a microscope, castle look like balls, rods, or spirals.

(Bacterial Infections, NIH: nationwide Institute that Allergy and Infectious Diseases)

In its early on stages, it might look like a common pregnancy.

(Cancer and also Pregnancy, NIH)

Blasts that radiation and winds from newborn stars press these PAHs into a spherical shells the look like eco-friendly bubbles in Spitzer"s images.

(Citizen Scientists find Yellow "Space Balls", NASA)

This distinctive system hints at what our own Solar System can look like in the remote future.

See more: Kim Don T Be Tardy Stroke At The Age Of 37, Is Kim Zolciak

(First large Planet around White Dwarf Found, ESO)

You do the best of it—but after you have been a week at Hartfield, girlfriend are all of you various creatures; you execute not look like the same.

(Emma, by jane Austen)

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