No longer Standing: structures of Poughkeepsie – 140 Academy Street

For those the you that missed our current program top top historic homes of the Hudson Valley: are afraid not! girlfriend can uncover it on ours YouTube page, along with many that our various other programs and also documentaries. For this week’s local background blog, us will comment on one of the residences from the speak that has actually been shed to history. As soon as we first came throughout this unmarked photograph in our collection, we didn’t think that it was from Poughkeepsie at all. The looked prefer something the end of one English countryside. However as it turns out, this residence once stood alongside the other good and unique houses the line Academy Street.

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This estate started out together the house of brand-new York supreme Court justice Joseph F. Barnard. Joseph to be born in 1823 on a farm simply north that Poughkeepsie. His father had actually been a whaler in Nantucket, but came to the Hudson sink in the early on 1800s. By 1836, his father marketed the farm and moved the family members into the City of Poughkeepsie, where they lived at #47 Cannon Street. Joseph ready for university at the Dutchess county Academy and went on come graduate from Yale in 1841. He was admitted come the bar in 1845. Later, he married Emily Hasbrouck from Kingston, NY. By 1863, he had actually been chosen Justice that the supreme Court because that this District, a job which that would proceed until 1893, retiring only since of his age. He died in his home in 1904.

We don’t recognize much around the original residence itself, just that Barnard developed a brick mansion in 1861. So what we see in the just photograph of the residence is actually the job-related of architects Jackson and also Rosencrans that were hired by the third owner, Mr. Arthur G. Smith. Smith to be the chairman of smith Brothers cough Drops below in Poughkeepsie. That must have actually noticed the work that Jackson and Rosencrans were doing on the brand-new YMCA structure on industry Street in 1908. He then hired lock in 1909 to perform a significant overhaul the the old mansion. The addition included a huge sun parlor ~ above the 2nd floor, a huge billiard room in the basement, eight bathrooms, and also a vacuum cleaning system, which supposed that each room might be cleaned by simply attaching a water tap to one outlet in the wall. Every one of these renovations ended up costing over $30,000! The smith family referred to as this place house for over 20 years. They held weddings, grand parties, and musical performances here. Mrs. Smith passed away in the residence in 1933 and Mr. Smith died here in 1936.

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After the Smiths, the residence was purchase by Mr. George Martin and his mam Natalie Martin. But unlike the blissful marriages of the Barnards and also the Smiths, this one was not so happy. George Martin, who was the executive of a stuffed poultry firm, had actually an affair – a an extremely public work – with a college secretary, Mrs. Leona Leggett. So in 1955, everyone affiliated in the scandal reviewed to Reno, NV. As soon as there, Mrs. Leggett divorced her husband come be through Mr. Martin, and Mrs. Martin divorced her husband and got the lovely home on Academy Street! (Who needs a man when you have the right to have a mansion?) However, together the newspaper reports would show, she additionally didn’t like the reality that her ex-husband was still hanging about Poughkeepsie. Therefore in 1957, she tried to acquire the court to refuse George the rights to live within the city limits. For obvious reasons, that didn’t work out too well because that her. Years later, in 1964, she was discovered dead in one upstairs bathroom and also later, she possessions to be auctioned off. The building was purchased by Eden Park nursing home in the beforehand 1970s because that $150,000 and also the house was conveniently torn down.

Today, every that continues to be is the fence that when stood around the house and also memories the those who as soon as saw it, prefer Antonia Mauro, a commissioner through the City that Poughkeepsie historical Districts & Landmarks conservation Commission. Mauro claimed that, “A Saturday visit come a friend’s family members home, a Queen anne Victorian ~ above Academy Street, caused a team of children exploring this tremendous property.” She went on to say, “I to be overwhelmed. Mouth open. Eyes wide. It was simply magnificent. Ns still watch the copy ballroom and grand staircase.” She concluded that, even after so countless years, “I tho mourn that is demolition. That’s no overly dramatic either. This mansion was a visual pleasure with the capability to inspire and, had it to be spared, that would have augmented our continuous uphill effort to change the method we treat our architectural heritage in Poughkeepsie. Ours historic design is no disposable.”

Resources:Thank you to Antonia Mauro because that sharing her memories around this lengthy lost house. Eagle News: 16 Dec. 1909Poughkeepsie Journal: 17 Sep. 1943, 26 Aug 1956, 21 Mar. 1957, 13 Jul. 1968

Images:01 – Beers Map native 1891 mirroring the ar of the Barnard residence – LH Collections02 – photo of the home after its 1909 alterations – LH Collections03 – photo from the Poughkeepsie Journal, 20 Apr. 194704 – trimming from the Poughkeepsie Journal, 21 Mar. 1957