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Former Valet airplane Parking & Rental automobile Business near Orlando global airport. Seller has 10 acres on north side around 330 x 1450 feet deep. Zoning is I-1-I-5 an excellent for heavy commercial or light industrial uses, likewise 4.5 acre on south portion of home fronting on McCoy, speak to Listing office for price because that each parcel. Brokered and also Advertised By: trans State commercial Realty Listing Agent: Iris Riley


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"Safe for families. Quite walks. Great community recreational area. Fun neighborhood events. Involved community to preserve up keeping of properties. "
"I like it the neighborhoods roughly the area and the schools there as well it’s a pretty good area through a lot of stores around "
"Great neighborhood. I’ve lived right here for 2 years and all the next-door neighbors are friendly. We have ar social gatherings and also the club residence is excellent. "
"The sidewalks space short and also narrow and also there room not lot of them. There’s a the majority of neighbors lawns friend would need to walk ~ above "
"i have actually been here since 2004 and also i feeling secure, confident and also easy walk . Straightforward e access to malls, airport, expressways , restaurants, ect, over there is a lot of progress."
"Super good for families schools are great. Very clean. Close come shopping malls and also highways Downtown is only 20-30 min"
"Most of the master take good care of their property. There room plenty that stores and also restaurants nearby."
"They would prefer it a lot, they likewise have a dog park, I’ve never been to however at least the common areas are good."
"Great neighborhood, many of parks for the kids, the club house is amazing, and also everything is close come the community. "
"no accessibility for transportation, important to drive, There must have an ext community activity. Too lot traffic and jammed in the afternoon's "
"dogs space welcome like the ar they were very nice and very respectful and also quiet . It to be a safety location never had any type of problems with it yet the association was not also friendly "
"I’ve resided in this ar for 33 years. That is a small, quiet, friendly tiny neighborhood. An extremely close to great schools and everything you need without making use of interstates but really close if girlfriend do."
"I’ve stayed in this ar for 5 years, that quiet,peaceful place and we have an excellent restaurants, malls and also supermarket close, i love it"
"Gated community and very calm. World are really friendly and there’s many of parking space. Easy access to toll roads and main roads. "
"extremely safe plus 3 schools close to by. Gas stations pharmacy's publix banks you named here you have it all"
"All dog seem welcome and people have them top top leashes about this neighborhood. Ns wish to proceed to live in a neighborhood as with that. "
"I’ve stayed in this area for 12 years. Seen many families come and also go...but castle are constantly friendly."
"Centrally located and also near everything. Schools, malls, airport, shopping. Quiet in ~ night and relaxing in the day. Us were sad to great but thankful for the experience. Family broadened ;)"

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On June 15, 2020, the united state Supreme Court ruled that employers subject to title VII cannot hire, fire, or otherwise discriminate against employees based upon their sex-related orientation or gender identity.
Protection from being unfairly refused services or entry to or native places available to the general public (retail stores, restaurants, parks, hotels, etc).
7948 Narcoossee Rd, Orlando, FL 32822 is a property. This building is not currently accessible for sale.

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