The singer has actually made her debut together a designer yesterday, and it wasn"t long before twitter to be showcasing what to be on offer. Together one would certainly expect, it functions a the majority of Grande"s signature style - cute, high-waisted costume in range of pastel colours.

The Ariana Grande because that Lipsy clothes collection has actually officially launched and it"s every SO quite

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sugarscape) march 2, 2016

Go checkout the site for everything Ariana Grande and also Lipsy London related!

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AriAlwaysUpdate) march 2, 2016

Don"t worry, if you"re a pan of the LBD, there"s a rake pack of them...

Buy Ariana Grande"s height 6 LBD"s and LWD"s indigenous her brand-new Lipsy collection... Https://

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Here"s a handy collage of few of the innovations on offer. And, needs to be said, it"s suitable cute - with added leather jackets.

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mayarin0502) march 2, 2016




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