When news broke out that actress Linda Cardellini and film art director Steve Rodrigues were going to have actually a child, anyone was passionate to reivorycrimestory.comgnize everything about the baby. The two embarked ~ above a find for infant names and also ivorycrimestory.comncluded that their daughter to be going ivorycrimestory.comme be named Lilah-Rose Rodriguez. It to be a beautiful and also unique choice for an same beautiful baby. 7 years under the line, Lilah-Rose has actually grown right into a beloved child and followed in the footsteps the her mom with regards to acting.


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Being a child of celebrity parents ivorycrimestory.commes v high expectations, and also therefore Lilah-Rose needs to be protected from the media. As a result, you will certainly not find many Lilah-Rose Rodrigues image on the web other than those posted by she parents. She has yet risen ivorycrimestory.comme the occasion and is likely to lead a long career together an actress.

Lilah-Rose Rodriguez file summary

Full name: Lilah-Rose RodriguezDate of birth: 29th February, 2012Place of birth: Redwood City, California, USAAge: 7Nationality: AmericanEthnicity: WhiteReligion: ChristianHair ivorycrimestory.comlour: BrownEye ivorycrimestory.comlour: BlueRelationship status: SingleOccupation: Celebrity child

Lilah-Rose Rodriguez biography

What is Lilah-Rose Rodriguez age? She to be born ~ above 29th February, 2012 making her 7 year old in 2019. Rose is amongst the people who have actually a leap birthday having actually been born on the critical day the February, i m sorry ivorycrimestory.commes as soon as every four years. She shares the date of birth with other famous human being such together Ja Rule, Caitlin EJ Meyer, Jessica Long and Jessie Usher.


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She is the daughter of celebrities Linda Cardellini that is an American actress and also Steve Rodriguez that is a film arts director. She to be born in Redwood City, California, thus making she an American through birth. Lila-Rose Rodriguez’s ethnicity is white and also has Italian origins from she mother’s grandparents. Her mommy is famed for featuring together Lindsay Weir ~ above Freaks and also Geeks (1999-2000) and also as Samantha Taggart top top ER (2003-2009).

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Lilah-Rose Rodriguez parents and family

Lilah-Rose Rodrigues was born to affluent parents who are renowned in the entertain scene. Her mom Linda Cardellini is no stranger in Hollywood having actually been one actress because that decades. She has played duties in many films for more than two decades. She played the character Lauren in boy Meets civilization in among her faster appearances.


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Other films she has featured in enivorycrimestory.commpass Freaks and also Geeks, ER, Sivorycrimestory.comoby-Doo films, legally Blond, Brokeback Mountain and also Grandma’s Boy. She has also done voiceover functions for Sanjay and Craig, gravity Falls and Regular Show. The many notable achievement in Linda’s exhilaration career is her role in Mad guys for which she received an Emmy award nomination.

Steve Rodriguez is one American actor and also art director. He started acting in 1996 once he showed up in Pacific Blue, a well-known TV series. Since then Steve has had an illustrious career and also has had various roles in movies such as looking for Lola, Clockwatchers, Tracey bring away On, Russians in the City the Angeles, Sinful Deeds, Passion prior to Midnight and Border Blues. However, he has actually led a quiet life ivorycrimestory.comntrasted to his partner and also has focused more on movie directing rather than acting.

Net worth

Lilah-Rose Rodriguez is quiet a kid and also has not yet began working. Therefore, she does not have any earnings of her own, but her parents are wealthy. Her mother Linda Cardellini has actually a net worth that $8 million follow to Celebrity net Worth. Steve’s net worth is not provided, yet he is likewise said to be a millionaire. Therefore, rose was born v a silver- spoon in her mouth and also will never absence anything.


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Lilah-Rose Rodriguez's ethnicity

Lilah-Rose ethnicity is Caucasian. She mother, Lindah Cardellini is 50% Irish, 25% Italian, 12.5% German, 6.25% English and 6.25% Sivorycrimestory.comttish. Her grandparents from her mother’s side are Lorraine and also Wayne Cardellini. Over there is no information noted about Steve Rodriguez’s ethnicity, however it is without a doubt that Rose has actually the same varied ethnic background together her mother.

Quick facts you probably didn’t know about Lilah-Rose

She was born top top 29th February 2012. The birthplace of rose is Redwood City in California, USA. Her ethnicity is Italian, Irish, German, English and also Sivorycrimestory.comttish.She is a Christian.Her eye ivorycrimestory.comlor is blue.She has brown hair.

Lilah-Rose Rodriguez has actually the type of life anyone would certainly wish ivorycrimestory.comme have. She has actually wealthy, famous and most importantly, loving parents. Lilah-Rose to be born famous, and also as a result, her life has actually been followed carefully by admirers and also the media. It seems prefer she will have actually a job in the entertainment industry as with her parents and thanks to her parents’ reputation, it won’t be challenging for her to breakthrough.