Cosmetic class A

Fully sensible with indications of limited usage - Very little wear. Any type of screens are complimentary of imperfections.

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Cosmetic class B

Fully practical with signs of normal consumption - many commonly little scratches and/or slight dents. Any kind of Screens will certainly have an extremely minor blemishes that will certainly not affect display.

Cosmetic great C

Fully sensible with indications of significant usage - most commonly huge scratches, dents, chipped/broken plastic, cracks, worn corners, and/or discoloration. Any screens will have noticeable defects.



These computers will ship with Windows 10 house Edition, unless a a different selection is do in the alternatives above


Computers ordered v a windows operating system include every one of the necessary an equipment driversDevice vehicle drivers can additionally be discovered at the manufacturer"s website and are accessible for download
Our grading criteria is based specifically on cosmetics condition. Commodities classified v lower qualities will have an ext notable cosmetics blemishes, however, all qualities are tested and cleaned to have actually the same functionality and also performance and also the same warranty.

Grade B

Signs of normal consumption - most commonly tiny scratches and/or slight dents. Displays will have actually minor blemishes that will not affect display.

Screen SizeProcessorMemory TypeTotal memory SlotsStorage TypeOptical DriveNetwork ConnectionsWebcamSD card ReaderUSB Port(s)VGA Port(s)Mini display Port(s)Max ResolutionAspect Ratio
Intel main point i7 (5600U) 2.6GHz
2.5" SATA
Gigabit Ethernet Wireless Bluetooth
3 (3.0)
1366 x 768

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Item(s) should be returned within 30 days native invoice date.Item(s) have to be obtained in original condition preferably in the very same packing materials.Item(s) should be securely pack for for sure return.The purchaser is responsible for every shipping costs and insurance.


Products normally ship within two service days after payment. If you have a rush order, or need an object delivered top top Saturday please speak to to request much faster shipping.All assets are shipped and also delivered on business days.Fixed or totally free shipping market does not use to items shipped on pallets, please speak to for prices on those items. Complimentary shipping supplies only apply to the continental US.

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Lenovo ThinkPad T450 14" Laptop i7-5600U - home windows 10 - great B

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