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Lenovo will certainly not win any type of awards v the abysmal performance of the brand-new AMD E-6010 dual-core and also the integrated R2 graphics. But then, that price is cheap. Come what degree the office snail worn down the tester"s patience, and also whether multimedia and gaming is also remotely feasible is revealed in our report.

For the initial German review, check out here.

Buyers who perform not desire to invest an ext than 250 Euros (~$310) ~ above a brand-new work device, should not have actually overly high expectations. Lenovo"s B50-45 (MCD2GGE) is abasic office laptopwith a DVD burner and low-resolution TN screen. Due to its weak CPU and graphics performance, that is only suitable for an easy tasks. The course, there are various other rivels, also in the very low 250 Euro (~$310) price selection that are based upon other core components. Among the tools that we have selected because that our comparison benchmarks isHP"s 250 G3. The is obtainable for around 270Euros (~$335) and likewise features a fairly slowIntel Celeron N2830dual-core with integratedBay trail HD Graphicsand a comparable configuration as our evaluation sample. The third model in the roundup is stood for by another version ofLenovo"s B50-45. ItsAMD A6-6310 andRadeon R4 graphicsprovide a lot much more CPU and also GPU power 보다 the review sample, however it is additionally considerably much more expensive in ~ 350 Euros (~$434).

The casing is made completely of black plastic, and left one edgy, quite futuristic and appealing impression ~ above the tester. The matte surface are very sensitive tofingerprints. No much pressure is essential to twisted the base, developing quiet grinding and also squeaking noises. The not really pressure resistant display screen can be opened with one hand, and is relatively solid. Thegaps about the rim of the base are not same spaced. Otherwise, us did not notice any other manufacturing flaws. A largemaintenance hatchis on the underside.

Lenovo installs the usual, typical interfaces, including a VGA the end in that B50-45. There space no surprises.Twoof the three USB ports support theUSB 3.0 standard. Unfortunately, the ports room all concentrated in the prior area where connected cables and USB sticks might prove interfering.

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Windows 8.1 (64-bit)is preinstalled ~ above the laptop, and also a equivalent partition is accessible for device recovery. Lenovo walk not encompass external restore media.