Serious wardrobe malfunction! Cleveland Cavaliers’ superstar LeBron James came to be a trending topic across the net on Thursday, June 11, and also it wasn’t since of his usual athletic prowess. The NBA star was component of a team huddle when he by chance flashed his cock on live television before millions of viewers tuning in to game 4 that the NBA Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the golden State Warriors.

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During the alphabet live broadcast, James’ junk to be (very quickly!) presented on TV as soon as cameras panned to the star athlete adjusting his compression shorts. According to NBC News, the basketball star exposed himself to around 18.5 million viewers, based upon the average number of people that tuned in during each the the first three games.


Immediately, viewers required to Twitter to call out the incident. Then, a Vine (warning: NSFW!) emerged.

Lebron’s penis made a short TV appearance tonight

— JD Harmeyer (
jdharm) June 12, 2015

Dunno wherein my friend is, but I simply saw Lebron’s prick on nationwide TV, therefore it’s no a total loss of a night

— Marie Bardi (
mariebardi) June 12, 2015

Honestly…one Warriors human should just whisper to LeBron “All the America simply saw your cock on TV”…hed it is in so shook remainder of the game

— Rizz (
BrettAnderson35) June 12, 2015

It should be really exciting for all men anywhere to ultimately have other in typical with lebron currently that we’ve viewed his junk in gym shorts

— Katie Nolan (
katienolan) June 12, 2015

internet: hello this is the internet me: hello where deserve to I discover lebron’s dick

— Ricky Montgomery (
rohmontgomery) June 12, 2015

The moment brought ago memories of other crazy wardrobe malfunctions transfer on live TV, including Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake‘s well known 2004 nip slip during the Super key Halftime Show. Following the debacle, the FCC slapped CBS v a hefty $550,000 fine because that the exposure, return the supreme Court later voided the charge.

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James’ accidental flashing wasn’t his only large moment that the night, though. He also had a hard head-on collision v a camera, which caused the player needing stitches. “I had actually a slim headache, which i think every one of you guys would probably have if girlfriend ran right into a camera,” James, who team lost the game on Thursday night, said USA Today. “Like ns said, I gained a couple of stitches and I gained a slim headache right now however I’ll it is in fine v that.”


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