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Chrissy Teigen claimed it made she feel more confident. Bryan Bedder/GettyImages

After a 2019 interview v Byrdie in i m sorry Chrissy Teigen said that "everything about me is fake other than my cheeks," she mutual on Twitter the this to be a jokebut she did get liposuction to eliminate armpit fat.

Teigen likewise discussed the procedure with Refinery29 in 2017, calling the the "stupidest" point she"s ever done, but adding that she doesn"t regret it.

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"I had actually an armpit suck out, which was one of the ideal things. It"s a huge secret, but I don"t care. It was nine years earlier or so. And I had two customs to my armpit. Currently it"s ago though, so now I"ve gotta pay because that again. It to be so easy. That made me feel far better in dresses; i felt an ext confident," she said the publication.

Cardi B has debated her chest implants and also butt injections.


Cardi B has spoken about she surgeries a couple of times. Joe Scarnici/Getty pictures for Pandora Media Inc.

In one 2017 interview with Vlad TV, the rapper said she got breast implants as well as butt injections.

She said she was never ever comfortable through the size of she chest but she didn"t feel acquiring them enlarged was a "necessity" until she started stripping.

She also said she obtained "illegal target injections," generally an interpretation they were filler injections that were not provided by doctors and also were not FDA-approved, in a basement in Queens, brand-new York City. She stated she"d want to get liposuction instead and have her fat moved to she butt, but she didn"t have enough fat to execute so and also she was "desperate to have a enlarge a--."

In 2018, in an interview v GQ, she stated the filler process was exceptionally painful despite she was happy v the results. She stated she"d wanted to obtain a touch-up a couple of years later, yet by the time she go to do so, "the lady gained locked increase "cause she"s supposedly killed somebody ... Somebody died on her table."

Earlier this year, after offering birth to her an initial child, the rapper claimed she obtained her boobs "redone," informing Entertainment Tonight, "I feeling good, but then sometimes I feel favor not, girlfriend know? her skin is stretched out. Yes, mine daughter f----- me up. She did. She therefore did."


Iggy Azalea is a rapper. Jason Kempin/Getty images

In a 2015 interview through Seventeen magazine, Iggy Azalea claimed she had actually work done on she nose.

"I"m not denying it. Denying the is lame," she told the publication. "I don"t think you need to be ashamed if you made a adjust to yourself, i m sorry is why I"ve talked about the changes I"ve made, choose with my breasts."

Earlier that exact same year, in March, the rapper said Vogue she got breast implants and that that was important for she to be honest about it with her audience.


Anna Faris stated she doesn't regret her breast implants. Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty photos

In the past, Anna Faris has talked about getting breast implants.

"I was constantly a negative-A cup, so as soon as I to be 30, ns was obtaining a divorce, I had actually just perfect "House Bunny", and also I"d sold an additional movie," Faris told Women"s wellness in April 2018. "All the these brand-new things to be happening come me, for this reason I got my breasts excellent ... it to be f------ awesome."

"I constantly thought plastic surgical treatment was caving in come "the man," girlfriend know? however it came down to a really straightforward thing: I wanted to fill the end a bikini," she told the publication. "I think that world should have the ability to do everything they want."

Ariel Winter claimed she acquired it for herself. man Salangsang/AP

Although a most celebrities room open around getting their breasts enhanced, Ariel Winter to be open about the the opposite — making she breasts smaller.

In a 2015 interview v Glamour magazine, Winter talked about how, in ~ 15 years old, she was an F-cup and also her breasts resulted in her a lot of pain. So, she gained breast-reduction surgical procedure to adjust her cup size from 32F come a 34D.

On the breast-reduction surgery, she said, "I obtained it for myself. I can"t also really placed it into words around how amazing it feels to really feel right."

Kelly Rowland claimed she obtained breast implants. wealthy Fury/Getty pictures

In a 2013 interview with shape magazine every the everyday Mail, Kelly Rowland discussed her long-awaited plastic surgery, saying, "I wanted to acquire breast implants once I to be 18, however my mom and Beyoncé"s mom told me to really think around it first."

"I took your advice and also waited 10 years," stated the Destiny"s son singer. She claimed she obtained the implants as soon as she to be 28 year old.

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In 2017, 3 years after ~ the birth of her very first child, she told world she"d be open to getting another breast-augmentation surgical procedure after she has one more kid.

Kaley Cuoco said her nose job and also breast augmentation is the "best thing" she's ever before done. john Sciulli/Getty photos for InStyle

"Years ago, I had my sleep done and also my boobs — finest thing I ever before did," she said in the December 2016 problem ofWomen"s Healthmagazine, per abc news. "Recently I had a filler in a heat in mine neck I"ve had because I to be 12."

"As lot as you want to love her inner me ... I"m sorry, you likewise want come look good," she said the publication. "I don"t think you must do it for a male or everyone else, yet if it renders you feeling confident, that"s amazing."