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Keith Morrison has actually been a correspondent on Dateline for many years, so the guy knows a thing or two about conducting interviivorycrimestory.coms (and leaning on things, however we’ll gain to that).

What he doesn’t understand all that much around is gaining interviivorycrimestory.comed. In honor of Dateline‘s 25th anniversary, superfan Kristen Bell turn the tables on Morrison (after making certain he wasn’t leaning ~ above them) and asked the hard-hitting questions.

After running through the basics of his lengthy career, the Good Place star obtained Morrison to reveal the an enig behind his velvety smooth pipes. “Vodka, several vodka and ice,” Morrison joked, prior to elaborating on the fact that his mommy was a music teacher that instilled the importance of a great ear in a young Morrison.

“Do you, at the very least, take your mic out for dinner and also a movie prior to you record?” Bell asked. Morrison laughed the question off, before taking yet another tough question from Bell: has he ever seen bill Hader’s Saturday Night Live impression of himself?

“It’s very funny,” Morrison said. “The an initial time it happened, i was ~ above the West Coast, I had a daughter life on the eastern Coast, and also I get this call at 9 o’clock in ~ night in L.A. She’s screaming ~ above the phone — ns couldn’t phone call what the trouble was — and also then at some point she managed to get out that I had actually to clock Saturday Night Live.”

He later added: “I didn’t know whether to s— or go blind. Ns mean, it’s weird once somebody go that.”

Bell admitted the only human being who parody her room her husband, Dax Shepard, and their two children, and also quickly moved on to a much more important subject: Morrison’s legendary lean.

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“Have girlfriend noticed the these reporters walk on camera, and they’re trying to explain a story and also they’ll be law this a lot? drives me crazy,” Morrison said. “So it to be in solution to that. I thought, ‘Well, I’ll just lean top top something.’ It’s much more casual. We’re just talking here. We’re not doing a circus act.”

Bell also brought up the Instagram account Keith Leans ~ above Things, which monitor Morrison (you guessed it!) leaning on everything from a lawn chair come a ladder.