LOS ANGELES – last week, "Dancing with the Stars" sweethearts Mario Lopez and also Karina Smirnoff officially announced the they had separation — and we’re told it was in big part due to the fact that of Lopez"s alleged hike ways.

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Lopez has been linked to a 22-year-old bartender from san Antonio, Texas, named Meaghan Cooper, who he apparently very first met 4 years back through a shared friend. However the two were rejoined last summer, when Lopez remained in San Antonio for a windy appearance.

Cooper told pop Tarts this week that she and also Lopez have been date on and off because that the past 11 months and also that when she doubted him around his really public partnership with Karina, the insisted that they were broken up and only in call due come dancing commitments.

Pictures that the pair partying together arised last June and also appeared top top Cooper"s an individual MySpace page, yet she claims they were gotten rid of at Lopez"s request.

Cooper is one aspiring actress/singer and recently sheathe filming the the alphabet reality display "I survived a Japanese game Show" in Tokyo, i m sorry is set to premiere top top June 24.

"After I reverted from filming he began acting really weird," she said. "Right currently we aren"t talking, and I won"t return his calls."

A rep because that Lopez decreased to comment. Another resource close come his camp didn"t desire to confirm or deny the reports come avoid giving Cooper any much more attention.

A rep for Smirnoff claimed that this is obviously a daunting time because that her but she is concentrating on some very exciting avenues in her expert life and dealing through the instance as best she can.

It looks together though us are about to find out a lot more about Britney Spears and get some understanding into why she walk the things she walk — yet from two different sources.

Pop Tarts has confirmed that mama Lynne Spears is back writing a book, to be released by Christian publisher thomas Nelson. The task was put on organize last year as soon as Lynne"s 16-year-old daughter Jamie Lynn ended up being pregnant.

We"re called it will be title "Through the Storm: A actual Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World" and also is collection for a autumn release. The book will be a memoir of the Spears family"s life in the spotlight rather than a publication offering education advice, which is what Lynne had initially planned come do.

But another book concentrating on Britney is also rumored to be in the works, only this one might be more sinister climate sweet. Follow to the new York Post"s page Six gossip column, investigative reporter Ian Halperin plan to pitch "Stalking Britney: Under Siege v Britney Spears" come publishers next week. The book will reportedly uncover details bordering the songstress" reported suicide attempts and also substance abuse issues.

Heidi and Spencer go Carpet Crazy; Stephanie Pratt "Doesn"t execute Press"

The most irritating "Hills" couple (aka Heidi Montag and also Spencer Pratt) turned as much as Wednesday night"s Pinkisthenewblog.com re-launch party in ~ Hollywood"s swanky S Bar, but the event was actually, like, over.

While there to be still a couple of people inside enjoying the open bar, the media-lovin" lovers chose to go the red carpet and also pose because that the photogs (and paps on the sidewalk) at 11 p.m., when the occasion was slated to be over.

Meanwhile, Spencer"s sister Stephanie has suddenly determined to journey her own 15 minute of fame and also turn increase to several Hollywood events. Stephanie apparently informed an occasion insider that she "doesn"t perform press and also if anyone asks her concerns she"ll say no comment." five dear — reputation is tough.

However, once the bulbs started flashing and also the cameras come out, miss out on Pratt reportedly couldn"t regulate her mouth and dished the dirt on anything and also everything from brothers Spencer"s reunion with Brody Jenner to how she thinks L.C. and also Audrina will make up.

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Pop Tarts has been told the "American Pie" star Jason Biggs will certainly marry actress Jenny Mollen in a awareness in California this Saturday. The pair officially married top top April 23 without any type of friends or family existing in a an enig ceremony, so we’re said this is a chance for the 2 to live out the fairy tale. Sigh.

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