One year ago yesterday, The Bachelorette contestants Kaitlyn Bristowe and also Shawn Booth appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to walk public through their engagement ~ the season finale aired. Debatably the many diehard The Bachelor/The Bachelorette fan around, Kimmel make them swear top top a ridge of magazines that they would remain together because that at least a year—or rather they had actually to pay him $1,000.

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Booth, who is still engaged to Bristowe, required to Instagram Wednesday to repeat Kimmel that his wager. Sharing the clip that the illustration in which Kimmel made them swear, Booth included in the caption, "Double or nothing,

"Look right into this camera right here and repeat ~ me," Kimmel instructed the truth TV stars. 

"We, Kaitlyn and Shawn B., carry out solemnly swear that we space in love, that we will gain married or we will at the very least be together one year from today," the 2 recited.

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"Because if we're not, this was a substantial waste the everyone's time," Kimmel continued, telling them what come say while they cracked up at the indigenous in the pact.

"Because if we're not, this to be a substantial waste the everybody's time, consisting of ourselves," they wrapped up. "If we are not tho in a committed connection on July 27, 2016, we will certainly pay Jimmy Kimmel $1,000."

Fair is fair, Kimmel! it looks like you owe this pair that money.

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As for as soon as they're in reality going come tie the knot, well, fans can have to wait awhile. "The press doesn't get to us at all," Booth previously told People. "We just knew each other for ten weeks before I proposed. We're both common people and the many normal thing we have the right to do is wait."

"We're life together, we're enjoying being engaged," Bristowe added. "When we start to plan, we'll permit everybody know!"

Perhaps they have the right to put Kimmel's money towards the reception LOL.

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