ivorycrimestory.com "​Empire" star Jussie Smollett has joined producer Lee Daniels to check that Mariah Carey will be joining the stellar actors – and gives us the recent scoop top top the casting.

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i know well hop drama Empire has actually been a monster hit for the Fox network, with guest stars including Jennifer Hudson, Rita Ora and Courtney Love. Now Jussie Smollett, who stars together Cookie Lyon"s center son Jamal on the show, confirms come HELLO! that yes, Mariah Carey will certainly be authorized the cast – and also that she"s a true "diva" that the ideal kind.

"I said, "Do you very own flats?". She said, "Darling, no"," laughs Jessie the his "diva" friend and also future Empire co-star Mariah Photo: Getty Images

When Mariah obtained a star on the Hollywood walk of Fame critical week, she twins Monroe and Moroccan do headlines for their adorable assistance of their mommy – yet Empire producer Lee Daniels additionally made the consciousness even more newsworthy by commenting that the "We belonging Together" singer would certainly be joining the show.

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“Usually I"m like, "That"s a stupid rumor, that"s no true.’ yet that one is true,” the Empire actor told united state while attending the HollyRod structures 2015 DesignCare Gala in L.A. "No, she has not to be on set yet. I"ve been having conversations with her and Lee and also everything though. She"s just so dope.”

Handsome Jussie starred in Mariah"s recent music video "Infinity", so it won"t be the first time he"s shared a soundstage v the star. Therefore what has it been choose for that to work-related with among the bestselling artist in music history? “She"s a great human being and also a yes, really sweet lady," that says, adding: "Don"t gain me wrong, she"s a diva. Ns said, "Do you own flats?" She"s choose "Darling, no." Okay. That"s why she has actually dope calf muscles. She"s simply phenomenal."

MariahCarey looking prefer a creamsicle & sounding like Butta! Oh...& I"m in that 2 #InfinityMusicVideo #Repost
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describing the pop symbol as "one that the funniest people I"ve ever before met in mine life", he reveals that Mariah"s also a diva top top the phone. "She"ll contact from a blocked number and also I"ll prize the phone, and also she"ll be like "Darling, it"s Mariah"," Jussie laughs. "She claims "darling" a lot... It"s very, actually sort of sexy!"

if we"d love to see Mimi vs. Cookie in the can be fried diva face off, breakout singer-actor Jussie couldn"t provide away any specifics. ("When you watch Lee Daniels you have the right to ask him!" he joked. "I"m not getting fired, no this season!") he did reveal, though, the he has personally been acquiring some priceless advice from the former American Idol judge.

"She gives an excellent advice about my publishing and my songwriting because everybody to know her together an significant vocalist but she"s a mogul, she"s a songwriter," that said. "She"s a boss."