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Perspective | Interview v Dr. June Atkinson, previous North Carolina state Superintendent of windy Instruction

by Marlow Artis, EducationNC November 8, 2019

Perspective | Interview v Dr. June Atkinson, former North Carolina state Superintendent of public Instruction

by Marlow Artis, EducationNC November 8, 2019

Tar heel Teachers at residence is a weekly videocast focused on engaging phibìc Carolinians in conversations around education. Every week, a panel of educators interview a guest(s).

In this videocast, the Tar hoe Teachers chat with Dr. June Atkinson about her 11-year tenure together the very first female to serve as phibìc Carolina"s State Superintendent. She shares why she originally ran because that state Superintendent, and she provides her opinion about current room happenings consisting of the mClass/Istation situation. She additionally talks about her life now, including her job-related as the CEO that Emerald Education, a consultancy firm.

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This week’s panel:

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