"The Voice" champion Jordan blacksmith from Season 9 married his longtime love Kristen Denny in a Kentucky church Saturday afternoon.

"Best work ever!" the bride created on Instagram as cameras caught the couple sharing a kiss on the lips.

"We"re past excited to announce the we space officially Mr. And Mrs. Smith!" the newlyweds also shared through People, who first broke the news. "The trip so far has been amazing, and also we can"t wait to proceed on this path as a married couple. Our wedding has reminded united state that us are just two ideal friends that realized we"re both the same kind of crazy and fell in love."

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This past new Year"s Day, the singer kicked turn off 2016 by proposing come his longtime friend. Castle would eventually reveal the happy news top top Instagram.

"RINGING in the brand-new year with my future wife!" he created as Denny flashed her new engagement ring at Boston publicly Garden. "She said YES!"

Smith was as a member the Adam Levine"s team. Before taking home the trophy in the show"s finale, Smith was able to have all 4 coaches transforms their chairs ~ his sheathe of Sia"s "Chandelier."

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Later on in the season, he moved Gwen Stefani to tears through his power of Selah"s "Great Is her Faithfulness."

Since his season wrapped, Smithwas signed by Republic Records and has toured across the country in assistance of his album "Something Beautiful."

"I"m lucky I"m in love v my finest friend," Denny recently shared on Instagram. "I can not wait to marry this man!"

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