In a minute that left the coaches, contestants and audience speechless, this shining star the NBC’s hit to sing competition dazzles everyone with an emotionally rendition the a Christmas classic. 

First recorded in 1991 by legendary Christian artist, Michael English, (and written by note Lowry) this unforgettable vacation tune has touched the love of millions worldwide. 

“Mary, Did girlfriend Know?” quickly earned itself a spot together a modern Christmas classic and also has been featured top top a seemingly endless number of holiday albums. It has specifically end up being a classic country Christmas song and many country artists have actually covered it end the years. 

In this iconic performance on The Voice stage, the newly-crowned season ripe winner, Jordan Smith, problems a stunning rendition the this lovely song, showcasing his incredible vocal talent and also ability. 

Watch the video below as Smith unleashes among the finest performances you’ll ever before hear the this beautiful song! 

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