If you"re like countless others, you"ve watched Joanna and Chip Gaines, starring in the HGTV struggle show, "Fixer Upper,” yet did you recognize that Joanna"s desires of being on TV started in the newsroom the ivorycrimestory.com?

Joanna moved to Waco through her family from ring Rock as soon as she was in high school.

Her dad, Jerry Stevens, opened up up a local Firestone tire dealership in Waco where Joanna worked through high school and also while a college student at Baylor, where she learned communications.

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She interned in the newsroom at ivorycrimestory.com.

"I interned at Channel 10 a pair of years. Ns feel choose I learned a ton. I feel prefer my suffer at Channel 10 really all set me."

While Joanna never ever tried her hand at full-time reporting, she did step in front of the camera, certification in advertisement for her dad"s business.

She laughs when looking ago at how small she knew around what come do, particularly with she hands.

She believed if she hosted them a details way, she"d watch seasoned.

"I want to watch smarter. Prefer I knew what ns was talking about when it involves tires. I had actually no idea what i was talking about when it pertains to tires."

But it to be those commercials that eventually recorded the eye the her now husband, Chip, who came to Waco to to visit Baylor.

"My buddies offered to constantly joke the no one might get their brakes excellent as regularly as I obtained my brakes done," Chip said.

Joanna claims Chip at some point approached Joanna asking if "she was the girl ~ above the commercials."

And that"s whereby it all started.

Joanna and also Chip began a home renovating organization long before they were truth TV stars.

"The TV display is yes, really something that come out of nowhere," Joanna said.

Just a few years ago, Joanna to be doing style work from home, while raising her 4 young children.

She blogged a tiny on the side and also it was her style blog that eventually captured the attention of HGTV.

"Designmom.com - she has a large following,“ Joanna said.

"And among my friends placed our photos on the site and she request to carry out a story. She go a story and also one of the civilization from the production company that complies with her experienced the story."

And the remainder is history.

The pair set viewership records in simply two seasons of "Fixer Upper,” numbers HGTV hasn"t checked out in years.

"I don"t understand if we"ll ever before get supplied to it because I feel like we"re simply so normal," Joanna said.

They to speak while life has changed a lot since becoming household names, it"s still rather normal in central Texas.

"One thing I appreciate about Waco is they"re grown through us a bit," Chip said.

"So as soon as we are out and around people are far from star-struck."

But that"s not the instance outside that town.

"When you walk to Dallas or Austin or also an plane in brand-new York, human being get star-struck through you and I usually have like mustard stains on mine shirt, " Chip said, laughing.

"I really can"t believe people room star struck by my chunky butt."

Every "Fixer Upper" illustration is filmed in or within miles of Waco, largely so the parents can be near to your 4 little kids, but, likewise because the Gaines wanted to put Waco ~ above the map in a good way.

"Honestly, together the large picture proceeds to unfold, we store getting more and an ext optimistic and also excited that this will really placed Waco in a really good light," Chip says.

The power couple"s latest project to carry attention and also money to town is The Magnolia Silos, a task in the love of downtown the was Joanna"s dream.

"When ns sat there and dreamed about it, i really experienced this ar come alive. And this component of downtown, I just saw human being coming and congregating."

And her dream is currently a reality.

The sector quietly opened its doors a few weeks back and currently thousands of world from almost everywhere the country have traveled below to snap pictures and also shop.

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The popularity is still a shock come the tiny town couple.

"We yes, really wonder sometimes what provides the display so popular," Chip says.

"And ns think it"s something around the normalcy the the family. Just a normal pair that really loves each other. Beautiful 4 kids. And also I think world can relate come that."