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Watch Daniel Radcliffe Rap complicated Blackalicious track on ‘Tonight Show’

Actor it is provided a jaw-dropping variation of the group’s 1999 exercise “Alphabet Aerobics”

Daniel Radcliffe stunned the hip-hop and also TV-viewing areas onTuesday night’s illustration ofThe this evening Show, transferring an epic, word-for-wordversionof Blackalicious’ mind-numbing 1999 track“Alphabet Aerobics.”

In the over clip, host Jimmy Fallon triggers the stunning power by questioning the actor about his love of music. The audience giggles when Radcliffe note his appreciation because that rap, including rhythmic gymnasts like Eminem. “I think ns was the an initial kid in my class to find out the words to ‘The real Slim Shady,"” that says, emphasizing his obsession through memorizing “complicated, lyrically intricate and also fast songs.” Fallon climate presents Radcliffe with a microphone and asks him come prove his rapping capability by tackling the complex Blackalicious workout.

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Dude seriously has actually some skills. Donate by the Roots, the actor pond every line in the alphabetized track together the tempo slowly accelerates. Meanwhile, Fallon stop up matching letter cards in the background, sort of like Bob Dylanin the “Subterranean Homesick Blues” video.

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The performance yes, really hit close to home for the Roots.Years prior to they were Tonight Show musicians, the team wasleading the underground hip-hop activity of the mid-to late Nineties, which additionally included Blackalicious. After taping the episode, Questlovetweetedto the members of laboratory duowith a tease: “dear
blackalicious_ pan base city hall & dvr’s #FallonTonight. Trust. #!!!!!!!!”

Elsewhere in theepisode, Radcliffe and also Fallon goof off by swapping vocal impersonations: Radcliffe imitating a Texan, and Fallon trying his hand at a Cockney accent. In the below clip, the actor says he learned to execute an American interval in part by watching several WWF – and favorite wrestler, The Rock. Radcliffe also makes a pitch the he and also Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson need to team up because that a buddy film comedy.