Wardrobe malfunctions take place to the finest of us — simply ask stars choose Jennifer Lopez and Giuliana Rancic, whose costume didn"t cooperate in ~ the Oscars.

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Click v the collection to watch the best celebrity wardrobe malfunctions that happened at the Academy Awards.


Jennifer Lopez seemingly had actually a nip separation during the 2012 Oscars.

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Her stylist later on said that there to be no way she could have exposed herself in that dress.


Jenny Mccarthy had actually her dress on backwards during the 1997 Oscars.

“I wore a Valentino dress and I actually wore it backwards,” Jenny said. “I was wondering why it to be so tight in the boobs…I no realize i was wearing that backwards till Valentino came approximately me in ~ the Vanity fair party and said, ‘Darling, you’re wearing my dress backwards.’”


Anne Hathaway"s nipples to be seemingly hard and also very remarkable at the 2013 Oscars.

It turns out the was just the means her dress was designed.


Giuliana Rancic"s zipper broke on the red carpet at the Oscars 2014.

Later, Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Osbourne tried to get it earlier together ~ above air.


Someone stepped on the back of Judy Greer"s dress at the 2012 Oscars and a bunch of beads came off.

“My very an initial step ~ above the red carpet, someone stepped on the hem of my dress and also the beads simply started unravelling … there a hundred silver- beads top top the carpet,” she said.

“I was starting to gain trampled … my publicist was on all fours in front of me trying to sew mine dress back together.”

The hoe of Alicia Keys" shoe damaged off at the 2009 Oscars.

“She walked on the sphere of her foot so that nobody would understand what had happened under her long dress,” her assistant revealed.

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