From an uncredited cameo through Jennifer Aniston to an ongoing Paul Rudd Mac and also Me joke on Conan O"Brien, below are some points that you more than likely didn"t know about the movie Mac and Me.

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In the late-1990s, someone associated with McDonald’s believed making a Hollywood movie would assist sell hamburgers. The end result was one of the biggest box office bombs of every time. Here’s everything you didn’t must know about the 1988 sci-fi cinema disaster, Mac and also Me.

If friend haven’t watched Mac and Me already, don’t bother unless you’re transforming it right into a drink game. The movie reeks with poor acting, cheesy one-of-a-kind effects, McDonald’s product placements, and the plagiarism the Steven Spielberg‘s E.T. (1982). In ~ the time, Washington short article writer, Richard Harrington, wrote “MAC and Me might just too have been dubbed “O.T. – The various other Terrestrial,” therefore frequent and clumsy are its recommendations to “E.T.” Forget about calling home; E.T., call lawyer.” audiences agreed with the critics and also Mac and Me made history as one of the greatest box office flops that the 1990s and is widely thought about to be among the worst films ever before made .

Beyond the negative reviews, pitiful box office performance, and being one E.T. Rip-off, there’s still a lot of of interesting things about the movie Mac and also Me. Native an uncredited cameo through Jennifer Aniston to an ongoing Paul Rudd Mac and also Me hoax on Conan O’Brien, here are some things that you more than likely didn’t must know around the movie Mac and also Me.

Jennifer Aniston was in Mac and also Me (Briefly)

Elliott Brown (CC through 2.0)

A positive element of the film was its charity involvement. Part of the film’s ticket sales to be donated to the Ronald McDonald house Charities. Unfortunately, the film’s bad box office power dramatically minimal these contributions.

The Crew to be On A Payroll prior to They also Had A Script

To speak the manufacturing was rushed on Mac and Me is an understatement. It’s an extremely rare to begin production top top a film without a last script. In some cases that is possible, because that example, This Is Spinal Tap, when you have a talented team of gibbs that can adlib your scenes. But this was not the case with Mac and Me.

When recounting how he got connected in the Mac and also Me movie project, manager Stewart Raffill told this story:

“I was hired the end of the blue. And the producer inquiry me to come down to the office. So i did and he had actually a totality crew there, a entirety crew on the payroll. It to be amazing. He had actually the transportation captain. The camera room head. The A.D. The production Manager. He had actually everybody currently hired and also I said, “Well, what’s the script?” and he said, “We don’t have actually a script. Ns don’t prefer the script. You have to write the script. You’re gonna have to write it rapid so prep the movie and also write the script on the weekends.”

So store that in mind when you’re the town hall Mac and also Me. They started shooting the movie without a last script. And they composed the manuscript on the weekends while they to be filming the movie.

Being associated To Mac and also Me was Career Suicide

It’s most likely a an excellent thing that Jennifer Aniston didn’t have actually a speaking duty in Mac and Me. For the most part, being linked to Mac and also Me was career suicide.

Director Stewart Raffill (Passenger 57, poor Girl Island) and composer Alan Silvestri (Forrest Gump, The Avengers, The Polar Express) properly rebounded ~ Mac and also Me. They were the happy ones. Many of the actors and significant crew members never acquired to occupational on a significant film task again.

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Steve Feke: after ~ Mac and also Me flopped in 1988, writer-producer Steve Feke offered up ~ above movies and switched to composing TV shows.

Multiple Hollywood Stars turned Down provides To it is in In Mac and Me