When Iman decided that she want to take on an additional beauty line she looked come none other than beauty and style expert, Jay Manuel.

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When supermodel-turned-entrepreneur, Iman determined that she wanted to take on another beauty line she looked to none various other than beauty and style expert, Jay Manuel. The two space veterans in the industry and share a friendship the spans much more than 17 year dating earlier to the late 90’s as soon as Jay to be recommended to execute Iman’s makeup for a covering shoot. Today, the Toronto native is a family name, garnering accolades for everything from renowned reality shows.The prestige line took two and also a half years to develop and also incorporates advanced K-beauty techniques and luxe ingredients like crushed gemstones and also real diamond dust. Believing the skin is the structure of beauty, he produced the Filter end up Collection, which concentrates on perfecting skin’s illustration through progressed blurring and also camouflaging techniques. Paired through the collection are 3 curated beauty beauty profiles: Classic, Iconic and Avant-Garde that allow women to to mark their natural beauty and also experiment with transform beauty egos. Here, we reveal the inside scoop native Jay Manuel Beauty.
ivorycrimestory.com: What to be it prefer working through Iman to develop this line; walk she aid in the production process?Jay Manuel:When you begin a partnership there are farming pains, but because Iman and also I have actually a wonderful connection that spans 17 years, we already had the synergy built in. I take into consideration myself very fortunate the she has actually such good trust for me. Whatever from packaging and also design to formulas and shades was totally up to me. Ns knew every little thing that I wanted performance-wise before we even began. We started every product in basic formulation.I simply want to bring them something that is quality.There is no factor for the consumer to be hoodwinked.ivorycrimestory.com:What influenced you to create this collection?Manuel:Inspiration because that the repertoire was born from inquiries that I obtain from women. I’m humbled that ns have worked with the world’s most an imaginative visionaries, but for me, really what it concerns when thinking around the company of beauty, the commodities need come be customer focused. This heat addresses that need. Consumers recognize a lot an ext now and women really desire to talk about it. They want to talk about using two various tones of foundation…ivorycrimestory.com: speak of foundations, your line has actually an impressive range of 12 shades in 3 tonal categories because that the foundation and 9 shades because that the powder, exactly how did you pick the shade color scheme?Manuel:Quite honestly, it came from working with a wide selection of skin tones. I began by looking at my very own kit and also really want to be inclusive of all shades. I had actually to make sure it catered to anyone from the fairest skin come the richest.
ivorycrimestory.com: What is your favorite aspect of the Filter complete collection?Manuel:All that those assets are made come perfect skin. Us use genuine diamond dust come refract light. Women want the youthful radiance there is no the fist that pearl draws to fine lines. Us use actual diamond dust to give the radiance without highlighting good lines. Because that women that truly desire that ‘lit from in ~ glow,’ I produced the Filter end up Collection Skin Facelift, a luminescent finishing powder that is make of complexion boosting pigments and crushed gemstones including Emerald, Ruby, Topaz, and also Sapphire.ivorycrimestory.com: I need to ask you about these lipsticks. I’m curious to know more about the racy titles for the lipsticks!Manuel:I want to carry out five classic lipsticks for each profile and also name castle after ladies who influenced them. But we didn’t want to put a different image right into someone’s mind—we want it to it is in entirely around the consumer.ivorycrimestory.com: This will also enable women to shot out shades that possibly are more fitting because that an change ego, favor the standard woman who sometimes moonlights as someone much more Avant-Garde. Perform you have a favourite of three layout profiles?Manuel:I love a good classic face, I also love a woman that is no afraid to expand and also play roughly as well. If I had actually to go back to my bedroom once I was thirteen year old—I offered to have these Saks 5th Avenue photos on my wall surface with depictions of this iconic women. I remember as soon as I started her makeup ns was reasoning I have to make her into the icon that she is.

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ivorycrimestory.com: Jay Manuel beauty, beauty is one of couple of beauty brands with a beauty, beauty app, just how will the app affect the users endure with the brand?Manuel:Anyone who knows me knows that ns am a substantial techy person. I’m an extremely tech savvy. I knew that we were going to need to do an app, but I have found that apps are fairly gimmicky. Us partnered with Plum Perfect and I put it through the ringer! You take a selfie, i beg your pardon will pressure you to challenge the light right on. The application knows the difference between daylight and also candescent light, and also it will certainly take the lighting into consideration to determine your true skin tone and also color signature—your hair, eye, and also natural meat lip tone.Dying to find which beauty profile fits you? Download the app and check out the line right here to discover out if you’re Classic, iconic or Avant-Garde.