For Halloween, you and also Jared like toborrow youngsters from her friends and go “Trick or Treat” through them. It’s to be atradition because that a while however this year is a tiny bit different: yourboyfriend decided to surprised you with something he knows you will love and hehas no idea you have actually a tiny something for him also.

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You rush down the stairs, eager toopen the door: he most likely forgot his tricks again. Jared wasn’t residence when youwoke up and also sent just a brief text:

“Be earlier around 12pm,” through a heartemoji.

You open the door and also freeze:

“Trick or threat?” the husky voiceasks and you room stunned.

“Oh my God, Jared ! Why didn’t youtell me?! i would have actually been Harley!”

“Who the fuck is Jared, woman?!” hegrowls and also you giggle. “Are you cheating top top me?!” and also J supplies his cane to openthe door more comprehensive and walks inside the house, groping girlfriend in the process.

You’ve to be begging that to be The Joker because that Halloween all year and herefused, speak it’s as well exhausting.

“Baby, you really should have actually toldme,” friend approach and also he look at around, snarling.

“Fancy house, you sure space sooospoiled,” he ignores her complaint, stopping in the middle of the life room.Jared is wearing your favorite outfit native the movie: the black pants and also whiteshirt native the society scene. Friend adore it since you think it makes his perfectbutt stand out. You obtain on her toes and also wrap your arms approximately his neck, frantically kissing him.

“Thank you,” friend caress the greenhair, smiling. “You understand I have a kink for your Joker.”

“Watch the make-up, honey. They’vebeen getting me ready since 6 this morning,” Jared suddenly emerges because that a fewmoments.

“Oops, sorry,” you ago out and hespanks you.

“I’m joking, Princess, daddy likesit,” and also he kisses girlfriend again while you can’t stop laughing. “Did you decision on acostume yet?”

“No, I save on debating. Come onJared, assist me decide,” you jump off his arms, dragging him upstairs.

“Who the hell is this Jared?!” hegets pissed, in personality again.

“Nobody you need to be worried about,Mister J,” girlfriend play along, thrilled he walk this for you: if this isn’t love,then you definitely don’t have actually a clue around it.

“Then why room you attract this skimpylittle nightgown, hm? was he just here and you had fun v him? I’m gonna killthe bastard!” the tirade proceeds as you enter the understand bedroom upstairs.

“Nooo, let’s no kill him,” youplead, pointing in the direction of the three outfits top top the bed. “We could need him later.Sit down and I will get dressed, then tell me what friend think, ok?”

“Hurry up Doll, i don’t have allday!” the feistiness kicks in and it provides you a an increase of energy.

“Of course, mr J !” you grab first item and also run inside the walk- in closet to change. ~ you’re done, youstep out and your sexy presence is greeted with a whistle of admiration andpurring.

“So you prefer it…Daddy?” you wink, lickingyour lips.

“Don’t play through my emotions, youevil woman!” The Joker snarls, talk deep breaths.”I have a thing fornurses.”

“Oh, ns know,” girlfriend zip down your top,tossing it in his lap.

“You’re wicked, “ that concludes,enjoying the striptease show.

“Oh, i know,” friend repeat, now in justyour bra and panties, grabbing the second outfit and shot to get away yet hesnatches you and starts kissing every item of skin the can gain his lips on.“Bad mr J,” you gain the pampering then regulate to escape. “You called me tohurry up so it is in patient.”

“Patient?! What does that mean?!” Jgets functioned up, and also you chuckle, acquiring dressed v the second outfit.

“Taaaa-daaaa,” girlfriend come out and he’sstanding by the dresser.

“Wooow, Cat woman! Look at those curves:I approve,” Jared grins and also the silver this make girlfriend weak in the knees.There is something else standing out.

“Are those socks in over there or room youjust an extremely happy to view me, baby?” you gradually come closer, staring in ~ hiscrotch.

“They’re socks,” he adjusts his goldchains, grinning.

“Let me see,” you unbutton his pants,stick her hand in there and…pull the end a pair of urgent socks. Friend burst outlaughing, amused.

“You’re therefore goofy,” the laughingcontinues as you traction out… a second pair the socks.

Jared tries no to laugh.

“That’s it, no much more socks, the restis natural,” the whispers in your ear. “Daddy saved it every for you, Pumpkin.”

“Are you taking benefit of the factthat I praise your Joker?” you run in his arms, spread his neck tattoo.

“Totally,” Jared shamelessly admits,heading in the direction of the bed with the sweet burden of his existence.

“Are you certain your make-up andtattoos will certainly be allright?” you double check due to the fact that you are conscious how long ittakes to get him ready.

“I’m sure; they’re made to critical forhours.”

“Don’t you want to check out my 3rdoutfit?”

“Nope, you can be Cat Woman,” hemumbles, placing girlfriend on the bed and has one much more question when impatientlyundressing you. “You tho didn’t answer: trick or threat?” Jared purrs when you take turn off his shirt.

Threat!” girlfriend moan when his hands godown your waist, cupping the next of your thighs.

“Mmmm, good girl,” the devilishsmirk and also the blue eyes make you shed it. “Let’s see…I’m gonna steal girlfriend fromthat Jared guy and also have my means with his woman almost everywhere this house.”

“Sounds much more like a treat,”you sigh and also squeal when he bites your lip.

“Depends just how you look at it Doll,” hegrumbles and you destruction your pond in his back. “So who do you want: Jared or TheJoker, huh?” J licks your swollen lip, finding your fascination with hischaracter irresistible.

“Both, “ you are quick to reply. “Canyou take turns?” and you seem therefore excited and also desperate there is no otherchoice.

“You’re such a perv, woman!” hesnickers. “Exactly mine type.”

The sentence provides you eagerlyscratch his soft skin and also the request is quick to follow:

“The Joker first, please.”

“No problem, Kitten,” and also he crackshis neck, prompting a an extremely enthusiastic scream from her part.


You currently went to a pair of houseswith Jake and Sarah right into a new neighborhood. They space siblings: the tiny boyis 4 and also the girl is 5, aka Spiderman and also Cinderella. Girlfriend ”borrowed” lock fromyour friends for a pair of hrs for some Halloween fun favor you always do.

“Trick or treat?” the childreninquire as soon as the door lock knocked at opens up.

“Treat!” and they are offered a bunchof liquid they stash in their bags.

“Duuudddee!!” the guy exclaims whenhe watch Jared. “You look favor The Joker; perfect cosplay, you yes, really look likehim!”

“Thank you,” he puckers his lips,amused.

“Hold on, my mam loves The SuicideSquad Joker. Honnneey!… Emma no Hey! girlfriend gotta watch this!”

“What is it?” girlfriend hear the woman’svoice and also she is mesmerized as shortly as she look at him.

“Jesus, girlfriend look prefer Mister J ! Canwe take a picture?” she keeps top top fangirling.

“Of course,” he agrees, the commentpleasing him.

“I thought Jared go an remarkable jobas The Joker! ns am so obsessed through him. I m really sorry babe,” she addresses the husbandwhen he rolls his eyes.

“Yeah, that wasn’t also bad,” Jaredflashes his smile for the picture and now she wants one more one v both ofyou.

“Not also bad?! He to be phenomenal!!!”she keeps on praising and it provides you happy.


More wade around, an ext candy.

“Hey, Joker !!” a bunch the young guysdressed as Hobbits shout in your direction.“Where’s Harley, man?!”

“On vacation!” Jared yells earlier andit prompts laughter. “I have a poor Kitty through me instead!”

“Hot Kitty !!!” among them yells andthe others begin howling.

You organize on to Jared’s hand,chuckling while he admonishes:

“Watch that !!! This is mine Kitty, findyour own!”

More laughter while lock distancethemselves from your little group. The youngsters are currently ringing the doorbellfrom another house.

“Oh, “ the lady gasps in surprisewhen she notices you two waiting because that the cute heroes come return by her side. “You sure have an excellent costumes! I have to admit the Leto butchered The Jokerthough,” she nods she head in denial, dropping sweets in the bags.

“Such a absence of talent,” Jared sarcasticallyadmits. You want to speak something however he squeezes your waist, signaling girlfriend notto.

“Indeed! i can’t think how bad hewas,” she walk on and also you are acquiring irritated.

“The worst ever!” J agrees and youfrown more.


“Why space you silent?” Jaredintertwines his fingers through yours, awaiting on a reply.

“That lady annoyed me,” girlfriend sulk andhe kisses her hand.

“I don’t care, I’m offered to it. Youlike my Joker and that’s great enough,” Jared smiles but you recognize the negativecomments hurt, especially after he functioned so hard on the character. Contrary to what some civilization believe, that ishuman ~ all. “Speed up, those children are much ahead.”

More walking, much more chocolate, more candy…

“These stilettos room horrible,” the uncomfortablegrimace top top your confront lets the know.“We’ve to be walking around for 2 hours, I’mkind the done.”

“Just a couple more houses and also thenwe have the right to return our rental offsprings, ok?” J negotiates and also you agree.

“Fine, but no more than that; I have the right to barelywalk.”

“Must be due to the fact that you had actually too much funhaving sex v two men in the same time,” that snorts, teasing.

You lift your shoulders up, your cheeksburning under the mask:

“Can’t aid it ! A girl needs to haveher fun.”

“Daddy will present you much more fun afterwe acquire home, hm?” the warm breath on your neck gives you goosebumps.

“If friend insist…” girlfriend pretend to beindifferent but the anticipation is making friend impatient. “Can us hurry up?”

“Yeah, no problem,” that pinches yourbutt with the skin-tight latex fit while Jake and also Sarah knock on another door.

“Get the end of here: it’s mine nemesis!”he transforms his attention in the direction of the young young dressed as Batman coming out ofthe house to hand the end candy through his dad. The 7 year old stares through his mouth open: heglances at Jared, then at The Joker activity figure in his hand, then ago toJared, then ago to his Joker activity figure.

“Amazing cosplay, man!” his fatherlaughs and Jared kneels by his son, entertained.

“Are you following me around, MisterBatsy?” he asks and Batman’s eyes gain big. “We space actually friends, girlfriend knowthat, right?”

The young can’t make a sound, simply nodsa yes, captivated.

“Here, a token of mine friendship,”Jared takes among his bracelets off, placing it about the kid’s wrist. “Shakehands?”

“U-hum,” the child agrees and yourheart melts.

“Awwww,” girlfriend sigh, touched by the step unfolding infront of your eyes.

“What carry out you say for the gift?” thedad has to intervene in order because that his kid to remember his manners.

“Thank girlfriend Mister Joker,” the shyvoice speaks up and it makes you teary thinking around something you discovered out thismorning friend didn’t share v him yet.


“Trick or treat?” you step in thebedroom, wearing something he finds super seductive: two strings, organized together bysome sort of loop, then her breasts hardly extended by a couple of more strings andone little bow miraculously still in place. Every pink.

“Holy shit, honey! absolutely atreat!” Jared decides top top the spot, currently in bed, fidgeting through his boxers.

“I was hoping you’re gonna to speak that,”you to crawl in bed, stop something behind your back. “Here’s your treat,” girlfriend casuallyshow that the hopeful pregnancy test and also he fights v himself in order to containthe overwhelming happiness.

“This…this is the best treat i evergot in my whole life!” Jared confesses, no being may be to keep character;he still has the make-up and tattoos: castle won’t be gotten rid of until tomorrowmorning as soon as he will certainly drop through the studio.

You nervously blink and also start crying,already worried around everything.

“Why are you crying, hm?” the caressesyour face and also you sniffle once your forehead gets kissed. “This is important thebest news. We don’t need to borrow kids for Halloween anymore, right? Imean, we still deserve to so we deserve to have a crowd,” the takes the pregnancy test out ofyour fingers, examining the red positive noting for a few seconds.“But…who’s thefather?”

“What?!” you obstacle your eyes, waiting tohear around an end the top presumption for sure.

“Is that me or The Joker? you sleepwith both, just how do we know?”

This is enough to alleviate the tensionand your body relaxes, a big smile showing up on your lips: Jared to be countingon it because he noticed how anxious girlfriend were.

“I’m no sure…” girlfriend answer, watchinghim hide the test under his pillow.

“Stop fooling around, woman,” The Jokertakes over, helping you get on top of him.“You understand I’m possessive and also jealous!”

“Are you?”

“Extremely! Now provide me my othertreat!” the yanks her hands away so you can get really close to him. The noticesthe hesitation. “What now?”

“Can I…can I have my Jared?”

“Ughh, you’re killing me, Y/N,” Jaredcomplains, his voice return to normal.

“The Joker can wait because that his turn, Istill desire him,” you pull on his bottom lip and also he debates.

“For the record, this is harder thanany movie script, do you understand?” her boyfriend really wants to emphasizehis hardship.

“I think there’s something rather that’sharder,” you taunt, grinding against him.

“I swear no socks are involved,” Jlaughs and also you giggle, tracing his jaw line.

“Certainly not,” girlfriend kiss himand to whisper in his ear: “Are you excited we’re walk to it is in parents?”

Jared’s hands organize you so tight youcan’t move.

“I’m so happy…” he whispers back andlifts your chin up so you have the right to look at every other.“But are you questioning me or TheJoker?”

“Both,” you feeling him.

“I’m happy and he feels cocky becausehe’s a stud and also he acquired the check he have the right to impregnate every little thing thatmoves!” the speech provides you laugh prefer crazy together you slide turn off Jared, snugglingto his neck in the process.

“You’re together an idiot and also I love youto death,” Jared hears as he traction on every those strings you’ve been teasing himwith because you confirmed up in the bedroom.

“Daddy will punish you for being therefore disrespectful!”The King the Gotham provides his presence known once much more and you protest.

“I stated I desire my Jared !”

“Don’t care! I’m the one law allthe an overwhelming work here: I have to act, I have to have sex, I need to satisfymy demanding woman, I have to pay attention to all the details, I have to…”

You sheathe his mouth.

“Fair enough, baby,” the great isabruptly interrupted by your candid acceptance and he grins, victorious, when switching off the light. Girlfriend gasp, enticed: the environment-friendly toxic hair glows in the dark.

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“You like this brand-new turn on mine Joker?”he desires to understand as the tears the flimsy strings apart one by one.

“This is soooo cool!” you run yourfingers with it. “It’s very Halloween-ish,” and also his turbulent kiss pipeline you breathless.

“Shut up and also let me reap my treat,woman!” J growls and your comeback delights him: