I constantly see this question/phrase in memes,,Youtube videos and more stuff favor that. I have actually never undrestood what is this question definition and everyone that comments top top this phrase talks a foreign language because that me. Can you describe me what is a JoJo reference,what is funny around it's joke and also what is JoJo itself?


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Answer: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a long-running manga/anime mainly known for 2 things:

-Being a large love-letter come the author’s favourite Western bands (as an example: the first major villain is named after Ronnie James Dio and Marlon Brando). His referrals in the later parts that the collection can get fairly obscure and diverse, therefore it’s come to be a bit of a meme that if a Western band exists, it’s to be referenced.

-Being absolutely batshit insane. It much more than resides up to the “bizarre” part, i m sorry is a significant part of those made it come to be so memorable after year of being reasonably unknown in the U.S.

To include to the bizarre, some characters have normal powers (fire, some telepathy, superstrength, etc) then there are some with really weird ones (One can zip and unzip a person, one have the right to shoot his nails, one deserve to transform everything around into snails, one antagonist can for instance survive fatal hits by being changed by "himself from an additional parallel world"...)

Answer: that is a recommendation to a lengthy running manga/anime through the name of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. It's been running since the so late 80s and as such, has actually inspired a many other media and in turn makes a ton of recommendations to various other media together well. Together such, it's so typical to view direct and indirect referrals to it that the heat "Is the a JoJo reference?" has become a meme.

Answer: they room referencing a cult favourite anime/manga dubbed Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Together the surname implies, the a pretty weird series, and additionally has a most content, so it’s straightforward to find things—stories, memes, whatever—that room similarities things that taken place in Jojo’s canon. Some usual Jojo’s recommendations are so popular that even human being who aren’t into the series use them, such together the end credit music being provided in some YouTube poops and the “It to be me, DIO” meme.

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Since i don't clock anime i am no affiliated v most famous ones so ns didn't know around this. Thanks!

Answer: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is an anime and manga the is exceptionally prolific and also has a big fanbase. Whenever there signature art layout is offered or a personality in an additional show quotes JoJo's world will speak "is the a JoJo's reference?" Which ended up being a next level meta meme once JoJo's made a referral within their own manga. This has led to it ending up being a meme the is claimed whenever miscellaneous is mildly anime or manga related. The is in the very same vein together the "is the Battletoadz? meme" for videogames or the "Is this a pigeon? meme".